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October 14th update

October 14th update

Recent developments: 

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort continue to welcome guests daily in our safe and healthy environment.  Please see direct reports from our guests returning daily in reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and our BLOG

Click here for an Important Update:  The Aruban government updated the states required to have a COVID pre-test and released other states from having a mandatory pre-test:  Read here:   https://bit.ly/2ZMb8pP

While Aruba had achieved a COVID-free environment, with returning students to Aruba from abroad - we suffered a setback. However, active cases continue a substantial decline from their peak and at present we have 340 active cases.  The increase in cases was within our local population. Cases among tourists have remained low and the total number for 'visitors' which includes tourists but also returning students to Aruba who are residents but their status needs updating - is 8.  Tourist cases are a fraction of the 8, and mostly returning students who are not officially registered as residents.  The government has confirmed that COVID-19 positive persons are ordered into isolation and contact tracing underway with testing conducted for those exposed.

Management and associates of Bucuti & Tara have been tested and undergo daily screening and temperature checks to maintain a COVID- free environment.  To date, all Bucuti & Tara guests have tested negative for COVID prior to or within the first day of arrival. We continue to believe that our comprehensive COVID protocol, which was tested with ICU doctors and nurses for three months prior to borders reopening continues to provide all of our guests with a safe and comfortable vacation.  More information about our protocol can be found below.

We stand by to advise on any changes in opening hours or operations of outside restaurants or activities and we recommend that you reconfirm arrangements prior to your reserved date and time. Our entire Aruban community is dedicated to your health and happiness while visiting our destination and we believe that our government and health officials are bringing the current outbreak under control with new regulations and a public information campaign. 

Our government has put out the following statement in response to the outbreak: 

“While potential COVID-19 cases may continue to develop over the coming weeks, Aruba has put into place advanced public health procedures to reduce the risk of transmission on the island. Aruba has taken an aggressive approach to identifying and managing potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19. The island continues to follow rigorous testing protocols from the World Health Organization and cases among tourists remain extremely low. In addition, the local authorities including the Department of Public Health are working closely with businesses to take careful, deliberate steps to protect their employees and patrons.
As the global impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we want to reiterate our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment on our One happy island. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work together to protect the health of Aruba's residents and the travelers.”

All of us at Bucuti & Tara continue to be at your service to ensure your wonderful stay at our resort and One Happy Island.


Rik van der Berg


For our resort CoronaVirus Protocols, click HERE.

For Government protocols on the Aruba.com website.

Entry Requirements Prior to Boarding

  • Online ED (Embarkation - Disembarkation card) is mandatory. This is the link to the card: https://edcardaruba.aw/   It is important to use CHROME browser (even when using a MAC) AND be sure your attachment is less than 3 MB in order for the upload to be successful.
    • Online ED card includes:
      • Self Health Declaration questions
      • Mandatory insurance required by the Aruban government to cover overall costs of quarantine/isolation accommodation and medical care when required. The cost is $10 per day. 
  • Register with the Aruba Health App where you will receive your results in advance of your arrival and have the QR code ready and available at the Health Check in the airport. https://www.aruba.com/us/aruba-health-app
  • Covid test options:
    • Option 1: (Recommended) Upload negative COVID19 PCR test results taken within 72 hours of travel onto the ED website.   https://edcardaruba.aw/ 
    • Option 2 (check here for eligibility) : Submit on-line payment via ED card link of $75 per person to the Aruban Government for rapid testing upon arrival on Aruba. (Testing prior to travel is encouraged). Tests are required for 12 years of age and older. 
    • Option 3: Testing prior to travel and a PCR test at the airport in Aruba
      Alternatively, especially for the listed states that do not qualify for Option 2, there is the option to perform two tests. One accessible test prior to travel, and one accurate test upon arrival.
      The costs for the tests will be the responsibility of the traveler and $75 must be paid for in advance as part of the online Embarkation/Disembarkation card process.
      • Pre-upload negative test results for one of the following accessible tests to the ED Card online platform prior to arrival:
        Antigen (QL IA, FIA), PCR Home kit, or any other type of test
      • In this case, it will be required to conduct a second test (PCR) immediately after arrival. Visitors will be required to be in mandatory quarantine at their hotel or booked place of stay.
      • The quarantine will be up to 24 hours, and the Aruba Department of Health will make every effort to have results in 6-8 hours, in order to minimize the visitors’ time in quarantine.
      • For details on the procedures for guests showing a positive COVID-19 test result while in Aruba, please reference the “Regulations when showing symptoms or testing positive for COVID-19 while in Aruba” section below.
    • Timing: At 72 hours prior to departure to Aruba (last leg in case of connecting flights), visitors can take action to get one of the listed accessible test. Note: The latest the testing/swab results can be uploaded is 12 hours prior to departure to Aruba. Payment for the PCR testing in Aruba must be completed within 72 hours and 12 hours prior to travel to Aruba.

  • Testing prior to arrival can be done with your physician or at locations such as:  CVS locations, Walgreens and is covered by some insurance plans
  • Masks required during flight, during disembarkation and until leaving the airport.

Port of Entry Aruba Airport:

  • 100% Thermal camera screening and symptom screening (questions by immigration personnel)
  • PCR rapid test mandatory for anyone who did not already upload the negative test via the ED card link mentioned above. Tests are required for 12 years of age and older. About the PCR Rapid test upon arrival:
    • What it does: Doctors use this PCR test to diagnose people who are currently sick with COVID-19. 
    • How it works: This test uses a sample of mucus typically taken from a person's nose or throat. It looks for the genetic material of the coronavirus. The test uses a technology called PCR (polymerase chain reaction), which greatly amplifies the viral genetic material if it is present. That material is detectable when a person is actively infected. 
      • Visitors (with no symptoms) await the result of test from 6 to 24 hours in quarantine at their hotel depending on the speed of the results.
      • Visitors with symptoms get a 1-hour test. If positive they will be given choices of alternative accommodation to isolate, receive care and monitoring.  If medical attention is required, they will be hospitalized.

Positive test results from 6 - 24 hours at hotel:

If you have tested at the airport and your test is positive:

  • You will need to check out of your hotel and go to a hotel designated for COVID positive patients for care and monitoring.
  • Travel Companions, having been exposed will also be required to go to a COVID hotel to quarantine and we await more information about this.
  • Both will need to test negative prior to return by airplane, home.

Local Residents:

  • Local residents must test at the airport or prior to arrival and quarantine until test results are in.  A positive test will result in quarantine and monitoring.
  • The government does not encourage travel to affected countries.

Health and Happiness Code:

Hotel Cancellation and Change Policy Updates:

  • No more cancellation penalty for arrivals up to December 22, 2020.  You may cancel without penalty up to the day of arrival.  We hope you will maintain your reservation or book your next stay knowing you are free of penalties to cancel when doing so.
  • One night deposit fee waived for 2021.  Book next years travel without a first-night deposit.
  • The resort is open, fully functioning and conducting maintenance, deep cleaning, renewal and training projects until visitors return.  We hope for your arrival soon!

The Government of Aruba is following the expert advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and has implemented strict stay at home measures.

Coronavirus cases update:

The most updated information on how many cases are active on Aruba, the Aruban government set up a dedicated site and while it is in Papiamento, you can see the grid updated each and look for "Activo" line.  The Activo line shows the number of active cases, the other data is historical. Click here: https://www.arubacovid19.org/   

Air Travel Safety

The Journal of the American Medical Association - JAMA recent report: "The risk of contracting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) during air travel is lower than from an office building, classroom, supermarket, or commuter train."  The report can be read here: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2771435 

Health and Safety Measures

Our extensive, full COVID Protocols can be found HERE

Bucuti & Tara is ISO certified and we follow HACCP standards of operation which have always brought a heightened level of safety and security into our operation for both our guests and our associates alike. We are confident we are operating safely for our guests and associates and will continue to work with WHO, PAHO, CDC and Dutch and Aruban Health Authorities and follow all of their guidelines.

We’ve added the following to our normal already heightened level of safety in our operation:

  • Deep preventative sanitation of all check out rooms which will be sealed prior to guests entry with a sticker
  • Deep preventative cleaning of all public areas on a continuous basis using UV, Ionic and Electrostatic guns to properly apply disinfectants.
  • Touch-free services throughout, to maintain social distance.
  • Social distance is possible throughout our uncrowded, boutique resort (as always)

Aruba is a Dutch Island with sophisticated healthcare facilities, professional and expert healthcare experts. As leaders within the tourism community in Aruba, we are fully informed and we have full confidence in the pubic & private sector partnership managing this situation together.


Many of our customers have reached out to learn how to help us in our situation. Aruba is an island with a population completely dependent upon the tourism industry and at present, tourism is halted. The answer is to come visit as soon as you are able to and, join in our campaign #BringingBucutiToYouPost photos of your Aruba vacation, honeymoon, anniversary or birthday celebration on your social media pages with our hashtag: #BringingBucutiToYou . We are posting on our social media pages regularly with messages from our associates who miss you and hope to see you again soon! Your participation can have an impact for all of us.  Thanks to all of you who have participated.

We look forward to welcoming our guests again soon and look forward to giving you some relaxation and a break from the current stresses of everyday news and life.