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Covid-19 and Covid FAQ's

Recent developments: 

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort continue to welcome guests daily in our safe and healthy environment.  Please see direct reports from our guests returning daily in reviews on TripAdvisor and Google.   

Click here for an Important Update, Sept. 18th:  The Aruban government updated the states required to have a COVID pre-test and released other states from having a mandatory pre-test:  Read here:   https://bit.ly/2ZMb8pP

While Aruba had achieved a COVID free environment, with returning students to Aruba from abroad we have suffered a setback.  In August, we saw COVID-19 hot spots develop which have resulted in local spread and a total of 1630 cases, representing .015% of our population. The increase in cases is within our local population. The cluster originally formed around a nightclub and surrounding bar among our young residents and spread among families during gatherings. The cases among tourists have remained low and the total number for 'visitors' which includes tourists but also returning students to Aruba who are residents but their status needs updating - is 8.  Tourist cases are a fraction of the 8, and mostly returning students who are not officially registered as residents.  The government has confirmed that COVID-19 positive persons are ordered into isolation and contact tracing underway with testing conducted for those exposed.

Management and associates of Bucuti & Tara have been tested and undergo daily screening and temperature checks to maintain a COVID- free environment.  To date, all Bucuti & Tara guests have tested negative for COVID prior to or within the first day of arrival. We continue to believe that our comprehensive COVID protocol, which was tested with ICU doctors and nurses for three months prior to borders reopening continues to provide all of our guests with a safe and comfortable vacation.  More information about our protocol can be found below.

We stand by to advise on any changes in opening hours or operations of outside restaurants or activities and we recommend that you reconfirm arrangements prior to your reserved date and time. Our entire Aruban community is dedicated to your health and happiness while visiting our destination and we believe that our government and health officials are bringing the current outbreak under control with new regulations and a public information campaign. 

Our government has put out the following statement in response to the outbreak: 

“While potential COVID-19 cases may continue to develop over the coming weeks, Aruba has put into place advanced public health procedures to reduce the risk of transmission on the island. Aruba has taken an aggressive approach to identify and managing potential and confirmed cases of COVID-19. The island continues to follow rigorous testing protocols from the World Health Organization and cases among tourists remain extremely low. In addition, the local authorities including the Department of Public Health are working closely with businesses to take careful, deliberate steps to protect their employees and patrons.
As the global impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we want to reiterate our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment on our One happy island. We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we work together to protect the health of Aruba's residents and travelers.”

All of us at Bucuti & Tara continue to be at your service to ensure your wonderful stay at our resort and One Happy Island.


Rik van der Berg


For our resort CoronaVirus Protocols, click HERE.

For Government protocols on the Aruba.com website.

For entry requirements, it is important to be fully informed prior to arrival: click here

Note, we strongly recommend that you test for COVID prior to arrival and upload results here to avoid having to quarantine in your room upon arrival.  Here is a link for some information on where to get testing done quickly per city: https://rapidtesttravel.com/   When testing upon arrival, you must quarantine in your room until your results are in (between 4-24 hours).

Below is an excerpt from our extensive, new Health and Safety Protocol manual:

Committing to the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort has implemented extensive new health and safety protocols to their operation to respond to the COVID-19 situation and to provide protection for our guests and associates.

Decades of heightened safety and security for guests and associates:

Certified by the worlds leading authorities for decades, Bucuti & Tara has long been certified by organizations that are focused on food safety and general processes of operation that integrate and prioritize health and safety on many levels.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort protocols originate and are mandated by:

  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • The local Aruba Health Department
  • Consultation with credentialed experts at Horacio Oduber Hospital.

Staff Training

  • A four week training course on the new protocol with each associate is mandatory and documented
  • The resort has remained open and is currently hosting hospital front line workers, nurses and doctors who are assisting in the protocol implementation and training while also enjoying rest & relaxation between workweeks

Measures added include the following procedures, policies and protocols:

Daily Associate Screening & Testing

Every Bucuti & Tara Associate will be tested for COVID-19. Further, a daily temperature screening and health questions will be applied to ensure health and risk of exposure. Employees not meeting criteria will not proceed onto the premises.

Guest Arrival:
  • Pre-registration on-line from the comfort of home.
  • Curb-to-room escort to guestrooms, observing a touch-less, socially distant safety protocol.
  • Welcome flute of Champagne will be poured and served on a tray where guests can pick up themselves, for a touchless delivery.
  • Guest Room or Suite will be sealed with a sticker post sterilization with no entries prior to arrival after the room has been sealed.
  • A warm smile and kind words will replace hugs and handshakes for those valued repeat guests accustomed to greeting staff in this lovely way.
  • Touch-less processes for all guest services with sterile keys and documentation.
  • Guest services information are detailed on our in-room video as well as our personal IPad in each room.
Guest Room and Housekeeping:

In addition to our usual, robust housekeeping cleaning service, complete sterilization of the guest room takes place prior to guest arrival using the most advanced technology available, using the following:

Guest Rooms:

  • Step 1. Environmentally safe, hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution continues being used, which is both EPA and LEED approved.
  • Step 2. An AtmosAir Rainier Summit ionizer treatment removes any mold, mildew and bacteria or viruses
  • Step 3. Sanidyne® Premium UV Portable Air and Surface Sanitizer treatment
  • Step 4. HEPA air-cleaners, which have always been in each room, continue to provide the purest air on the island.
  • Step 5. Guestrooms will be sealed after sterilization and a sticker/seal placed on the door, with no entries prior to guest arrival

  • Public areas will be disinfected with Electrostatic guns to properly apply disinfectants
  • Modified daily service to minimize entry to the guest room. Service can be adjusted according to guest wishes
  • EPA approved sanitizing, cleaning & disinfecting products are used to disinfect of all checkout rooms including over 50 touch points including:
    All door handles, main door, closet door, balcony door and ALL pull handles, Iron handle, hangers, and luggage rack, microwave, water faucets, fridge handle, TV desk and remote controls, dresser drawer handle, light switches and thermostat, IPad, makeup mirror switch, safe box handle and keypad, drapery pull handles, Telephone and keypad, reading light switches, alarm clock, safety latches and peephole, trash receptacle, sink faucets and toilet handles, seat and cover, sink counter, TV remote control, hairdryer, weight-scale, light switches, towel dispenser handle, soap and lotion dispenser push plates, trash receptacle touchpoints, telephone set and keypad, lamp switches, air purifier and dehumidifier switches, center table, light switches.
  • Housekeeping service will only take place in the absence of guests in the room
  • Follow up call by the front office to ensure housekeeping service is to the satisfaction guests
  • Our laundry has always operated with the highest standards of cleanliness and with the new protocol, it has undergone a complete audit with multiple points of additional safety and hygiene implemented into general operating procedures.
Beach and Public Areas:
  • Electrostatic guns will properly and regularly apply disinfectants to public areas for disinfection.
  • Known for our peaceful, uncrowded, and tranquil atmosphere, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is a low-rise, boutique resort with more space per guest overall. This includes the normal opportunity to walk to your guest room without encountering other guests. Multiple stairwells and elevators serve guests to allow private access to guestrooms in a quiet, uncrowded atmosphere.
  • With 25 feet between beach umbrellas on the beach prior to the new protocol, a peaceful and safe lounge on the beach has always been possible, however, additional distance is being created and additional beach cabanas and facilities to facilitate safety has been implemented.
  • Hand sanitizing gel-stations are present in public areas and in every guestroom.
  • Deep preventative cleaning of all public areas on a continuous, regulated basis and disinfection of all touchpoints including public door handles, elevator buttons, telephone sets, handrails, etc.
  • The pool will have capacity limits when necessary to provide for social distance
Restaurants and SandBar
  • Food preparation has been audited and re-tooled for a stricter routine to ensure complete health and safety
  • Seating in our food & beverage areas will be expanded and spaced for safety
  • All servers and associates have been specially trained for a sterile delivery process of all beverages and food, as well as utensils
  • Breakfast will be modified for a la carte choices, and at the Tara Lounge, guests will be served unlimited buffet items from behind plexiglass. 
  • In-room IPads can be brought to the restaurant to place an order at the table, or guests can use their own mobile device and pull up our menu from a QR code reader.  Disposable menus will be available and ordering processes without close interaction.
  • Single-use table coverings and processes to ensure a sterile environment
Aruba’s healthcare facilities

Aruba is a Dutch Island, equipped with sophisticated healthcare facilities and professional and expert healthcare experts. And, as leaders within the tourism community in Aruba, we are fully informed, and we have full confidence in the public & private sector partnership managing this situation together, island-wide.

Please contact us for more information or with any questions you may have about our health & safety protocol: manager@bucuti.com

Covid related FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about what to expect moving forward:

Q: Are masks and gloves expected?

A: Guests are not required to wear gloves or masks. The reasons are: Guests have been tested prior to arrival in Aruba.  Or, they have had the rapid testing at the airport and will await the results in their room.   Associates will all wear masks and maintain total social distancing rules.  

Q: Will hotel associates wear masks? 

A: Yes, at all times. Associates will always also maintain a safe, social distance.

Q: Does Bucuti & Tara provide hand sanitizer?

A: Yes, and they are automatic, touch-free in all public areas, throughout the resort.  Hand sanitizing dispensers will be in all guest rooms.

Q: How are the rooms cleaned?

A: A 5-step process for rooms includes the best UV technology; Ionic treatment, HEPA air cleaners, and EPA approved sanitizers to completely disinfect rooms. After disinfecting, we place a seal sticker on the door.  Please see all the details here: www.bucuti.com/covid-19

Q: How do I interact with staff so I respect social distancing?

A: We have procedures in place for every task to incorporate social/physical distancing and have been training and testing staff since early May.  Electronic messaging will be possible to communicate with our associates for assistance as well. Social distancing will be mandatory for associates and guests alike, and at all times.  

Q: Are masks and safety supplies available for purchase at Bucuti and Tara?

A: Yes, they will be available for sale in our gift shop

Q: How does my luggage get to my room or do I need to carry it myself?

A: Our attendant will deliver your sanitized luggage to your room, separately but quickly - to account for social distance,  and place it outside your door.  If any part of your luggage is touched during delivery, it will be disinfected prior to being left at your door.

Q: Will chairs and sun loungers be sanitized between use?

A: On a daily basis with an electrostatic gun filled with hydrogen peroxide, EPA approved sanitizer.  Sun loungers are assigned for guests’ use for the day.  We have more loungers than guests. and fresh, clean covers for loungers are placed on reserved loungers.

Q: Do we have to share the elevator with others?

A: No, our small size and few floors allow for non-crowded elevators whereby guests can have the elevator to themselves, plus we have easy to access, open, ventilated stairways in both buildings making it quick and easy to get to your room as well.  We will inform and request that guests do not join other guests in any elevator.

Q: Will the spa be open and what services will be available?

A: Yes, the PURUN Spa has implemented a comprehensive set of COVID safety protocols. They include capacity limits, sanitation guidelines to disinfect spa rooms completely, no-touch payment systems and sanitizer stations, a health check with temperature control for both associates and guests.  A plexiglass partition for manicure services.  Disinfection of all equipment prior to reuse. Associates will wear masks and gloves when appropriate.

Q: Will the Gym be open and what precautions will be taken?

A: A complete plan to disinfect in place to allow safe usage of the gym. An industrial UV blaster will be in use as well as EPA approved disinfectant for COVID use.  Heightened cleaning schedules of all surfaces, including remote controls, yoga mats, gym machines, weights, equipment, etc is scheduled. A capacity limit will be in place to allow for social distancing.

Q:  How will the breakfast change from the buffet? Lunch, Dinner?

A: Breakfast will be ordered and served a la carte in our Elements restaurant and we will take reservations to abide by social distancing.  At the Tara Lounge, we will offer a breakfast buffet with items available which will now be served to you at your request from our kitchen team who will wear masks, gloves and serve from behind a plexiglass shield to maintain a touchless system for your safety.  As you point and inform the items you want, our cook will place it for you on the plate.  Lunch and Dinner remain a la carte with touch-free and physically distant service.  

Q: Are handshakes expected?

A: No, we will have touchless services throughout the resort as well as social distancing practices.  As much as we wish to give our returning guests and friends welcome hugs and handshakes we will abide by safe and healthy practices.

ARUBA Pre and Post Arrival FAQ's

Please note that we continue to get more detail about the requirements below.  Please check this section often and at least a week prior to your departure to be prepared.  We stand by to walk you through the process. Contact us for info@bucuti.com for assistance.

Q: What is required pre-arrival to travel to Aruba?

A: All guests will be required to fill out an online Embarkation Debarkation Card (ED Card) and here is the link: www.edcardaruba.aw. This will include a short health questionnaire and the opportunity to upload a negative results COVID test, taken within 72 hours of arrival in Aruba 

If you have any challenges uploading your results to the EDCard online, be sure you are using CHROME as your browser (even from a MAC), AND be sure your attachment is less than 3 MB.  Usually, this solves for any issues with the upload.

Q: What is the airport experience like?

A: Guests will be required to wear a mask, social distance, and answer screening questions and have results of a negative COVID test (within 72 hours prior to arrival). Guests can upload this test during the mandatory Embarkation Card (ED Card) process which will be available electronically.  The ED card will also have qualifying health questions to answer.  An alternative to having a test prior to arrival is to have a rapid COVID test at the airport upon arrival and wait for the results at the resort from 6 - 24 hours. (guests would need to stay in their room until results are given).  Once the test is negative, guests can enjoy the remainder of their vacation.  When tested positive for COVID, you will move to a hotel designated for COVID patients for monitoring and care until you recover, test negative, and can return home. Your travel companion will have to quarantine at the hotel and test negative prior to returning as well.

Q: Is travel insurance required?

A: COVID Insurance is required at $10 per day, per person, sold at the time the ED form is filled out electronically and covers you in case you develop COVID while you are on the island. (The government continues to negotiate for the best pricing and this rate may change.) This covers your hotel stay and care.  Additional travel insurance is optional and at your own discretion and cost.  At this time, other travel insurance you may want to secure would be in addition to Aruba's insurance requirement. If this changes, we will update this page immediately.

Q: How can I book private transportation from the airport to the resort?

A: We have a wide range of options for arrivals from VIP escorted service through the airport to a private black car or SUV or, simply a private company/car transportation. This is easily arranged through our concierge@bucuti.com prior to arrival.

Q: If I don't feel well, what help is available in Aruba?

A: Aruba has a state of the art hospital with professionally certified and trained professional healthcare and located within a mile from the resort.  Although we have no COVID now, they have experience with COVID and bringing dozens of COVID patients back to health. When tested positive for COVID, you will move to a hotel designated for COVID patients for monitoring and care until you recover, test negative and can return home. Your travel companion will have to quarantine at the hotel and test negative prior to returning as well.

Q: Are island restaurants, stores, tours, and attractions open, safe, and healthy?

A: Yes! The government of Aruba implemented a program in May called the ‘Aruba Health and Happiness Code’ This is a stringent cleaning and hygiene certification program that will be mandatory for all tourism-related businesses across the country.  All Aruba restaurants, transportation, activities, excursions, hotels, and other tourism-related businesses will be able to get a health and safety seal which will signal to visitors that the business is a safe place to be.