Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
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Eco Friendly - Carbon Neutral

The Caribbean's first and only certified Carbon Neutral Resort

At Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, we’re just as passionate about nature and its beauty as you are. In fact, Bucuti is one of worlds greenest hotels and has been since it was built in 1987.

We’re proud to be the first and remain the only certified CarbonNeutral® resort hotel since 2018 and maintain certifications with Green Globe (Platinum), Travelife Gold, and LEED Gold.

Owner Ewald Biemans is a visionary in sustainable tourism and has been the most prolific steward of Aruba’s community for the environment. We banned single-use plastics and have made significant investments in eco-technologies and systems, as well as environmentally safe products. Read our Sustainability Report.

At COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, Ewald Biemans was one of the first signatories of the Glasgow Declaration for Climate Action in Tourism as seen here with Mr. Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in signing the Declaration at the launch event. The United Nations’ goal is for every hospitality entity worldwide to commit as a signatory to half of dangerous emissions by 2030 and be net zero by 2050.  We are an enthusiastic supporter of this goal.

Sustainable Initiatives and Accomplishments

The resort has been called "a glowing example for all Caribbean hoteliers." Among our many environmental initiatives are:

  • Donation of 30 Acres (12 hectares) of private land in the heart of the tourism district. This land is being reforested and will serve as a carbon sink whereby Carbon is extracted from the atmosphere. The preserve will protect against overdevelopment and allow visitors to enjoy the natural landscape, flora and fauna close to the hotel sector. The Bucuti - GMC Nature Preserve
  • Ensuring we have the lowest per-occupied-room electricity usage of all hotels in Aruba. (Source: Central Bank of Aruba study by Deloitte)
  • Application of new insulating MIG coating and paints which control temperature, saving kilowatt hours
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by sourcing local suppliers and products made on Aruba.
  • New, more powerful Solar panels (installed 2022) heating water for guest rooms and the laundry.
  • Installation of new more efficient HVAC systems (2022)
  • Move to a 96% paperless operation
  • ECO power fitness machines, producing - instead of drawing - power to the grid
  • Water reducers, which cut down water flow by 60% in all showers and faucets, and low-flow toilets.
  • Ozone based Laundry equipment
  • Salt Water chlorination process
  • UVC technology to sanitize and disinfect rooms
  • Water treated by UVC to eliminate Legionella
  • 100% sink and shower water treated and reused in the gardens.
  • HACCP standard food safety
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Bulk purchasing and use of in-room dispensers delivering genuine Aruba Aloe freshly made shampoos, conditioners and lotions instead of waste-producing individual packages in plastic containers.
  • Using biodegradable and environmentally friendly detergents.
  • Solar heated whirlpool
  • Gifted water canteens to guests to fill with Aruba's pristine, delicious water, to eliminate plastic bottles
  • Healthy Portions, preventing food waste

Environmental awareness has always been a major focus of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, and long before phrases like “eco-tourism” and “eco-resorts” moved into the mainstream, Bucuti was winning awards such as the Caribbean Hotel Association Environmental Stewardship Award. Since then we’ve gone on to earn numerous environmental awards and certifications.

In addition to our own environmental work at the resort, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort supports community eco-efforts, including:

  • Subsidize thousands of spay & neuter surgeries to reduce the problem with overpopulation and abandoned dogs and cats on island via foundation Stimami and Sterilisami
  • Donkey Sanctuary Aruba, a volunteer-run foundation that takes in sick and injured animals
  • Turtugaruba, a local foundation that protects giant sea turtles
  • Animal Rights Aruba, which aims to protect all fauna, flora and marine life on and around the island of Aruba
  • Active member of AHATA Environmental Committee
  • Support introduction of law to ban plastic bags on island.
  • Support Dog Laws and education to reduce problem of stray dogs.
  • Recycling contest – artworks made of recycled materials - annually
  • Carbon offset program for your air travel offered on our website to 

At Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, luxury and an eco-friendly business model aren’t mutually exclusive – they go hand-in-hand. Want to know more about our green practices? 

Our Sustainability presentation HERE


  • Certified CarbonNeutral®
  • Green Globe Platinum
  • Travelife Gold
  • LEED Gold


  • LED bulbs across the property
  • Solar Panels producing 20% of energy
  • Motion sensor lights in public areas
  • Timers on lights in office and some public areas
  • Eco sensors in rooms to increase the temperature when room is empty
  • VRF energy-saving cooling technology in rooms, fitness center and Elements
  • Load Dryers to full capacity before use
  • NEW upgraded technology -Solar water heaters (2022)
  • Energy saving equipment and appliances
  • Track consumption of electricity
  • Insulated windows


  • Water canteens and water coolers for guests to discourage the purchase of plastic bottles. 290,000 water bottles saved per year
  • Electronic signature at check-in instead of paper
  • Recycling bins for aluminum and green glass
  • Left-over food donated to local farmers
  • Old furniture is reused or sold for refurbishment
  • Purchase products in bulk
  • Dispensers for toiletries rather than individual packaging
  • Welcome signs made of used boxes
  • Print paper on both sides
  • Paperless communication and record keeping
  • Fitness Center equipment delivers power to the grid instead of consuming power
  • Floor covering in Fitness Center is made of recycled tires
  • Fitness Center towels made out of old beach towels
  • Laundry bags made of old sheets
  • Reuse keycards
  • Food waste reduction through portion control
  • Reuse breads from breakfast to make croutons and bread pudding
  • No disposable items used (forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups etc.)
  • Newspapers on request only
  • Lawn clippings are composted and used in gardening


  • Support local businesses
  • Locally made toiletries (Aruba Aloe) purchased in bulk
  • Local artwork
  • Do not offer all-inclusive program, encouraging guests to experience local restaurants
  • Subsidize Spay & Neuter surgeries for dogs and cats on island to reduce population growth
  • Donate to several local non-profits, including Animal Rights Aruba, Donkey Sanctuary, and Imeldahof orphanage.


  • Load washing machines to full capacity before use
  • Water saving faucets
  • Water saving toilets
  • Grey water used for irrigation in garden
  • Changing of bed linens only on Wednesday and Saturday and on request as well as check out
  • Sprinklers are on timers which are adjusted depending on amount of rainfall. We also collect rain water and use it for irrigation.
  • Towels changed only if found on floor or in tub and at check out
  • Use of paper filters for pool filtration - 1/10 of the water used with back washing
  • Track water use


  • Monthly Beach Clean Ups with guests and employees
  • Farmed wood usage for projects
  • Outdoor deck made of recycled materials
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Discourage guest activities that are harmful to the environment
  • Turtle nesting areas on the beach marked with appropriate signage (when necessary)
  • Reduce lights at night during turtle nesting season


  • Water Safety devices
  • Grease traps to avoid contaminating grey water supply
  • Food safety practices (HACCP)
  • Berson Inline UV lights installed on all water supply lines which combine a wide spectrum of useful UV wave lengths with a very high energy output.  This combination causes total and permanent deactivation of micro-organism, avoiding photo reactivation.
  • UV system for grey water system
  • Air Purifier and Dehumidifier in rooms
  • HACCP colored cutting boards,
  • HACCP temperature controls of food and coolers to maintain safety
  • Annual testing for Legionella; water circulation monitored weekly so that water does not stand for more than 10 days.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Use of least harmful coolant gas possible
  • Outside Contractors agreements ensure their adherence to our Environmental and Safety Policy while working
  • All F&B staff are HACCP compliant and have government health certificate


  • Eco tours of our facility for schoolchildren to learn how to live sustainably
  • Presentations at regional conferences about best practices
  • Eco tours for employees
  • Green Team with each department represented
  • Sponsor environmental Public Service Announcements.
  • Green channel on in-room TV featuring our green practices for guests to learn about and bring home best practices

Photo credit: Aruba Flora & Fauna

Join In:

Make your visit 100% Carbon-Free 

Our Sustainability concierge stands by to assist you so that you may enjoy a Carbon Neutral vacation in Aruba.  We provide information and assistance for EV transportation, environmentally friendly activities and low impact meals during your visit.  

Use your refillable Water Canteen we've gifted you in your room at the water stations around the resort.  Aruba's water is pure, delicious and refreshing, safe for all to consume from the tap.

Join the Bucuti Team on the next Beach Clean Up

Bucuti’s owner and managing director, Ewald Biemans created Aruba’s Environmental committee within the Hotel Association in the early 1990’s and one of his early projects was “Sponsor-a-Mile” whereby Aruba Hotel Association committed to keeping one mile of beach or roadside clean. The third Wednesday of the month continues to be Bucuti’s beach cleaning day and hundreds of Aruba’s visitors have participated along the way in partnership with resort staff.

Choose from our Vegan menu at Elements

Eating a vegan diet can be good for the environment for several reasons:

  1. Lower carbon footprint: Animal agriculture is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, which are a major cause of climate change. By eliminating animal products from your diet, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

  2. Reduced land use: Animal agriculture requires vast amounts of land for grazing and growing feed crops. This can lead to deforestation, habitat loss, and soil degradation. By reducing the demand for animal products, we can help to reduce the amount of land needed for animal agriculture.

  3. Reduced water use: Animal agriculture is also a major consumer of water, with some estimates suggesting that it can take up to 15,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of beef. By eating a vegan diet, you can significantly reduce your water footprint.

  4. Reduced pollution: Animal agriculture can also contribute to water pollution through the runoff of animal waste and fertilizers. By reducing the demand for animal products, we can help to reduce this form of pollution.

  5. Reduced use of antibiotics: Antibiotics are often used in animal agriculture to prevent disease and promote growth, but this can lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By reducing the demand for animal products, we can help to reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture.

Overall, eating a vegan diet can have a significant positive impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, land use, water use, pollution, and the use of antibiotics.

Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination.  If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase, when you travel to Aruba, and bring supplies for a children’s home in need.. you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of local children. We work with Children’s home Imeldahof.  The home offers shelter and guidance to boys and girls (ages 6-12) who, due to circumstances, cannot live with their parents or caregivers.  Please click here for more information on Pack for a Purpose. You bring your gift items to our front desk at Bucuti, and we deliver them to Imeldahof once a month. Thank you for your generosity and kindness! 

Note: Please save your receipts and have them with your donation in your suitcase in the event customers upon arrival asks about the donated items.  A maximum value of $210 worth of items can be brought in, duty free.

Judge a Recycled Crafts Contest

Bucuti’s Green Team organizes an event several times a year whereby Bucuti associates are invited to create crafts from recycled items and enter them in a competition. Guests are invited to be judges during a lively celebration and exhibition of the recycled submissions. Events take place at Christmas time (Recycled Christmas crafts), Halloween (Recycled costumes and decor), Spring and Summer. Our concierge team can inform you if an event will take place during your stay. 

Reduce your Carbon Footprint 

Worried about your increasing your Carbon Footprint with your flight to Aruba? Offset your Carbon by purchasing renewable energy credits: http://www.nativeenergy.com/travel.   Reducing the amount of energy we use is critically important in the effort to stop global warming, Native Energy can help you.