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Advanced Check In

All guests must fill out the Advance Check-in form below, prior to arrival, to observe health and safety, 'touch free' protocol.

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Vaccination Records

Please upload your vaccination records below. If you have already filled in and sent your Advance Registration form (without your vaccination records) please do not fill it out again, instead, you may attach your .pdf, .jpg or .png file to this email address: covidsafety@bucuti.com.

Important: Proof of vaccination will be required for all guests arriving December 23, 2021 and onwards. We require proof of complete vaccination at least 30 days in advance of your arrival to avoid the cancellation of your reservation. Accepted vaccinations are: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and Astra Zeneca.

You may upload a copy of the official record of your vaccination in .pdf,.png or .jpg format. Photos of your handwritten CDC (United States) /DCC (Europe)/officially recognized organization (other countries) card are acceptable, or the PDF document with the digital QR code provided by the recognized facility issuing the vaccination. The names on the card/receipt must match the names on the reservation. We must receive a copy of your vaccination proof on or before your cancellation deadline in order to maintain your reservation (for example, for a December 23rd arrival, we must receive a record that you are fully vaccinated on or before November 23rd).

If you are medically unable to receive a vaccine, please upload a scan or picture of an original letter from your doctor confirming you are unable to be vaccinated. The letter must be on official letterhead and with the signature of the doctor, prior to the cancellation deadline.

When we do not have your vaccination records prior to your cancellation period date, which is 30 days prior to arrival, we will be forced to cancel your reservation.

We will be happy to go grocery shopping on your behalf prior to your arrival. Items you order from the virtual store below will be waiting in your room at check-in. Please click here to enter the grocery store after completing this form. You may also order once you arrive, and we will have the items delivered to your room within 48 hours.