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Excellence Collection Bath Mat


Elevate your bathing experience with the luxurious Excellence Collection Bath Mat. Crafted using the finest 100% combed cotton yarn, this towel collection offers exceptional quality and indulgent comfort. The yarn is meticulously ring-spun to enhance its strength, absorbency, and softness, ensuring a plush and gentle feel against your skin.

The standout feature of this bath mat is the exquisite "piano key" border design, adding a superior touch of elegance to this terry ensemble. The intricate detailing showcases the attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into creating this exceptional product.

Made with single ply pile, this bath mat offers a lavish and fluffy texture that envelops your feet in pure comfort. The ring-spun cotton fibers provide enhanced durability, ensuring the bath mat maintains its quality even after multiple uses and washes.

Measuring 20x34, this bath mat offers ample coverage and fits perfectly in your bathroom space. With a weight of 10 pounds per dozen (DZ), it exudes a sense of luxury and substance.

Choose the timeless beauty of the white color option, effortlessly blending with any bathroom decor. Embrace the indulgent softness, absorbency, and superior design of the Excellence Collection Bath Mat. Make every step out of the bath or shower a luxurious experience.