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Work-ation in Aruba - Why choose Bucuti & Tara?

Work-ation in Aruba - Why choose Bucuti & Tara?

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort just made the aspirational corner office a thing of the past. With the resort’s Workation Package, our guests no longer have to look at their screensaver and daydream about being there – now they can work from the Eagle Beach paradise. “Workers” opting for stays of 30 days or longer will also receive a 15% discount on their nightly room rate.

FREE Workation Package

Bucuti & Tara’s Workation Package is complimentary - a true value-add. Our accommodations have a comfortable desk set-up complete with a charging station and easily accessible outlets. Each room comes with a sanitized tablet for guests to easily use throughout the resort during their stay. Upon request, a printer can be set up in the room. Perhaps most reassuring for many, IT support is provided to ensure guests optimize their work time while staying at the oceanfront resort.

No distractions

Bucuti & Tara’s popularly blatant “What We Are Not” includes a round-up resulting in no distractions. Our adults-only enclave does not allow children or groups. The serene setting does not allow loud music and doesn’t offer a loud nightlife. In a 24/7 working world, Bucuti & Tara can assure a peaceful, quiet setting so work is easily accomplished whenever guests need to concentrate.  

Excellent WiFi lets guests trade executive chairs for luxury sun loungers

Our guests can efficiently handle emails and video conference calls compliments of our strong WiFi throughout the resort. They can easily stay connected whether from their accommodations or comfortably perched atop the resort’s sun loungers, beachfront or pool side. Thanks to an average of 24 ft (8m) of space separating the paired loungers, privacy on the beach allows guests the ability to conduct business as needed.

Benefits of a Bucuti & Tara Workation

Bucuti & Tara’s Workation invites guests to destress and even be more productive. Surrounded by peaceful nature, the resort’s famous white sand beach and the healing properties of swimming in the ocean provide a healthy reprieve. The onsite wellness program – including daily complimentary wellness activities - and award-winning healthy dining offerings let “workers” achieve the kind of balance many have longed for pre-pandemic.

Just what the doctor ordered: the Caribbean’s healthiest, safest getaway

Aruba’s stringent COVID-19 arrival protocols and island policies combined with Bucuti & Tara’s highly sophisticated measures provide a safe, healthy environment for guests. 

Bucuti & Tara’s COVID-19 safety protocols were developed within Center for Disease Control guidelines, World Health Organization recommendations and in-person evaluations by practicing ICU (intensive care unit) doctors and nurses who were hosted onsite. As the region’s most-eco-certified hotel, Bucuti has long had a heightened awareness for the health and safety of both guests and the planet.

With its new touch-free experience combined with the new hospital-grade, high-tech health safety protocols and Aruba’s Health & Happiness Code seal, couples can confidently relax into work-vacation mode. Additionally, Bucuti & Tara provides a doctor in its wellness office who administers onsite pre-departure COVID-19 testing that meets US and other countries’ re-entry criteria.

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