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Frequently asked questions before your visit to Aruba, answered

Frequently asked questions before your visit to Aruba, answered

We know that traveling today requires some extra thought and steps on both the traveler's end and on our end in Aruba.  We hope the following information answers the questions you may have while planning for your visit:

Q: Because I need COVID-19 testing prior to returning to my home country, does Bucuti & Tara have a testing facility onsite and how fast can I have test results?

Our onsite testing facility is located in the Wellness Office across from the Fitness Centre. Testing is available daily with same-day results. This is the website link to reserve your COVID-19 testing appointment now:  https://covidaruba.com/. We understand that some countries require testing within a day prior to arrival and we have been meeting this time requirement without delay.  An antigen test (approved by the US) is available for $50 per person.  PCR tests are also available and more information is available via the link above.

For privacy reasons, we are not able to make these appointments on your behalf.  Have your passport number, flight schedule, credit card and desired testing date and time ready to fill out the form and it should be quick and easy. Appointments are available on this site through March at this time and dates further out will open up each month. You can also make an appointment after your arrival at the resort and our concierge team stands by to assist.

Q: Where do I upload my test results prior to my return home?

Each country has its own procedure and if you have challenges knowing yours, contact us.  For the United States, you need a "Fit to Fly" pass via Verifly or Commonpass.  Download this app on your phone prior to leaving home and set up your trip.  https://myverifly.com/#/.  https://commonpass.org/  The app will walk you through the questions and steps prior to your return and in the process, you will upload the .pdf version of your test results given to you digitally by our test facility, MedLab. If you need assistance, see our concierge team at the resort the day prior to your departure.

Q: How is Bucuti & Tara keeping me safe during my stay?

The CDC, WHO and our local health authorities have given advice and protocols on how to operate most safely in time of COVID and this is what we are doing:

  • All of our associates are fully vaccinated.
  • As of December 23rd, 2021, and onward, we have a mandatory vaccination requirement and all guests at the resort and all of our outlets will also be vaccinated with proof provided.  If you would like more information about our vaccination requirement, please write to our management team here: covidsafety@bucuti.com  
  • Our COVID-19 safety protocols for operating safely are detailed here: https://www.bucuti.com/covid-19. Our protocols were held up as the benchmark for Aruban businesses to aspire to with our investment in the newest technologies implemented to keep guests safe.
  • Our intimate boutique resort allows for wide open, fresh air spaces and there are no crowded areas anywhere.  Our coupled beach beds are also are 25 ft apart, allowing space, safety and privacy.
  • All associates continue to mask and practice social distance.
  • Masks are not required from our guests because they have been tested prior to arrival and they are fully vaccinated and social distancing is natural and easy in our environment.

Q:  When do I need to take my test prior to my arrival in Aruba?  

Testing needs to occur no earlier than 2 days prior to your arrival in Aruba and the results must be uploaded to the https://edcardaruba.aw/ website no later than 4 hours prior to arrival in Aruba. If your flight arrives in Aruba on a Saturday, you would need your test to be taken no earlier than Thursday. The testing time will appear on the test result document and does get checked prior to receiving your Ok to Board certificate.

 What are Aruba Entry Requirements and how do I submit my test results?

Aruba provides an online embarkation form to fill out within 2 days prior to arrival which results in receiving your OK to Board flight certificate.  You must show this certificate to your airline at the time of checking in for Aruba and we recommend that you print this to show upon check-in. 

ED Card form:  Here is the link to the form: https://edcardaruba.aw/.  Have your passport, flight information, hotel location, your credit card for the mandatory Aruba insurance ($15 per person), and test result .pdf file ready when you fill out the form.  

Q: What is the Mandatory Aruba Health Insurance and what is it for?

Detailed information about the health insurance and what it covers: https://www.arubavisitorsinsurance.com/ 

In the rare event that you should test positive for COVID-19 during your stay in Aruba, the $15 mandatory insurance covers you for health and accommodation expenses at $75,000 of overall coverage. Positive cases showing symptoms are required to stay for 10 days and asymptomatic positive cases are required to stay for 7 days.

Q:  What type of COVID-19 test is approved by the Aruba Authorities?

Here is the list of tests approved:

  • PCR / RT-PCR / ddPCR / Rapid PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  • NAA / NAAT (Nucleic Acid Amplification)
  • AMP PRB (Amplified Probe)
  • LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification)
  • TMA (Transcription-mediated Amplification)

Here is detailed information about testing if you have further questions: https://www.aruba.com/us/traveler-health-requirements/covid-testing  

Q: Is a fast-track arrival concierge service available in Aruba for arrival and departure in the Aruba airport for immigration and customs?

Yes, a First Class Aruba concierge will meet you at the jetbridge, help with your luggage and documents, and fast-track you past most of the lines at the airport. For more information and pricing, contact our concierge@bucuti.com.

Q:  Is the Aruba experience diminished in any way because of COVID-19? Are businesses open?

Aruba took advantage of an early start in the spring of 2020 to prepare for a safe return for guests and for Arubans and has been open and thriving throughout 2021. The Aruba Health and Happiness Code and Certification was implemented throughout the island's businesses and services with training and certification mandatory for businesses serving visitors. Read more about it here: https://www.aruba.com/us/health-happiness-code

This approach let businesses open safely and they have been serving guests and locals for more than a year throughout the island.

The best source of information can be from guests who have recently stayed with us. Look at reviews of our resort that appear daily for recent checkouts.