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Functional Bodyweight Movement

Day & Time:  Tuesday 9 am

Duration: 60 Minutes 

Meeting Point: Sandbar

Location:  Fitness Center or Grape Tree 

Teacher: Björn Brandts

The Small Group Bodyweight Movement Class is designed to introduce and enhance participants' understanding of full bodyweight exercises while educating them on the relevance and benefits of incorporating such movements into their workout routines. This class is suitable for all fitness levels, from beginners who are just starting their fitness journey to advanced individuals looking to add a new dimension to their fitness regimen.

During the class, participants will be guided through a series of exercises that utilize their own bodyweight as resistance, eliminating the need for additional equipment or weights. These exercises include various types of push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, and other movements that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

The class begins with a warm-up period that prepares the body for movement, followed by a thorough explanation and demonstration of each exercise. The instructor will carefully explain the correct posture, alignment, and muscle engagement required for each movement, ensuring that participants safely and effectively execute the exercises.

An essential aspect of this class is the educational component, where participants learn about the relevance and benefits of bodyweight exercises. Topics covered can include improvements in functional strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and muscular endurance. Participants will also gain insight into how full bodyweight movements positively impact overall fitness, body composition, and daily activities.

Throughout the class, the instructor will provide modifications and progressions to accommodate individual fitness levels and keep participants challenged. Engaging in a small group setting offers a supportive and motivating environment, as participants can encourage and inspire one another and receive personalized attention from the instructor.

Upon completion of this Small Group Bodyweight Movement Class, participants will have a solid foundation in performing full bodyweight exercises correctly and will recognize the value of incorporating these movements into their fitness routines. Whether looking to increase strength, improve body composition, enhance athletic performance, or simply seeking a versatile and effective workout, this class is designed to empower individuals of all levels to achieve their fitness goals.