Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
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Aloe Scrub Experience

Day & Time:  Tuesday & Friday 10 am

Duration: 30- 45 Minutes 

Price: $30 p.P.

Meeting Point: Sandbar

Location: Grape Tree in front of Tara

Presented by: Royal Aruba Aloe

Royal Aruba Aloe, founded in 1890 by Cornelis Eman, is the first company with the designation “Royal” in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom and one of the first and few Aloe companies in the world that grows, harvests, and processes its Aloe onsite. This Aloe, considered the finest Aloe in the world, is the base of our ever-growing collection of premium skin, hair, and sun care products.

We pride ourselves on creating products with a plant that is so prominent in our island’s culture and heritage. Not to mention so unique in its countless benefits. Aruba’s Coat of Arms even features an aloe plant in one of its quadrants-nicknamed ‘Island of Aloes’ in the 1920s. Aloe Vera marked Aruba’s first source of welfare and the quality of the Aruban Aloes have been the best in the World for more than 150 years already.

Exlusivly for Bucuti Guests Royal Aruba Aloe Representatives come to our property to show you how to make your very own Aloe Scrub with numerous health benefits. Pick your favorite smell and learn about the magical healing properties of the Aloe plant. At the end of this experience you will take with your self made Aloe Scrub to take home as a nice souvenier for yourself or you loved ones.