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Yoga Nidra Meditation with Leontine

Day & Time: On Request

Duration: 60-75 Minutes 

Location: On Request 

Coach: Leontine Merkies 

In a Nutshell

Yoga Nidra meditation, also known as “yogic sleep” is a form of guided meditation that can be done seated or lying down. It can easily be combined with other forms of meditation such as silent meditation, walking meditation or mindfulness practice. It helps you travel consciously through the different layers of body, breath, mind, emotions and heartfelt bliss. It connects you to the place inside yourself which is wholesome, healthful, peaceful, and  unconditioned. People frequently report emerging from the experience feeling completely infused with peace and ease. 

The private iRest® meditation is a co-meditation dyad which is a rich, interactive  meditation method that allows you to have a simple conversation with yourself,  uncovering the messages that your heart has for you. Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you become silent for a moment to really  feel what’s going on inside you.  We’ll follow body sensations, emotions, thoughts, memories, images and beliefs to their core, uncovering the message within. As we sit together I hold the space for you to meet whatever is arising in the present moment from a place of complete openness.

Why you need this Class and what it does for you

Extensive research has shown that the iRest® method effectively supports the healing process across a broad range of populations. Benefits of this practice are reported to be reduced stress, anxiety & depression, also decreased insomnia and other sleep disturbances as well as perceiving less pain chronically or acutely. This type of meditation has also been found to increase not only energy levels, confidence and joy but also seems to improve interpersonal relationships, the sense of control on people's life and the perception of peace and well- being.

The Instructor

Leontine offers sessions to experience and explore iRest® Yoga Nidra meditation, a transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry. 

Leontine is an experienced yoga teacher and has been specializing in Yoga Nidra for almost a decade.  She is a certified iRest® teacher who loves to share the healing energy of Yoga Nidra in as many ways and forms as are coming her way, individually, in groups, in nature or at homes, in schools, with kids, adults and elderly.