Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
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Nature Life Coaching with Gea

Day & Time: On Request

Classes: Nature Life Coaching, Nature Walk, Labyrinth Walk

Duration: 120 Minutes 

Location: Alto Vista/ On Request 

Coach: Gea Souge

In a Nutshell

Next to our complimentary mindful beach walk at sunrise, you can also benefit from a Nature Sunset Walk, a meditative walk through our Peace Labyrinth at Alto Vista Chapel, or Nature Life Coaching with Gea. These activities help you gradually become more present in the moment. The  breathing techniques, sensory meditation and balance exercises will help you relax so you can  enjoy a mindful vacation.  

Being and walking mindfully in nature is the best way to relax our mind, body and soul. When we then also befriend ourselves and our experiences, we will

  • Release & reduce stress

  • Feel more energized

  • Increase concentration & 

  • creativity

  • Get a feeling of happiness 

  • Boost your memory

  • And we start to see the 

  • miracles of life.

Why you need this Class and what it does for you

Practicing Mindfulness in nature is a magnificent way to spend your vacation: Seeing the sunrise and how it’s coloring the sky is magical. We start with a body scan and light warm up to awaken our body & senses.

Next we start walking in a nature in the area of your choice, being mindful of the earth

beneath our feet, the air flowing in and out of our lungs, the sights, sounds, smells, and even tastes that we experience as we walk. During our 2 hour hike we play with different exercises that help expand our awareness of how you carry yourself as you walk. The mindful exercises give you valuable insights into how you can move with greater ease and comfort. Walking through our beautiful Aruban nature is refreshing and wellness for your body, mind and soul. Upon return you gain some new ways to practice mindfulness.

The Instructor

My name is Gea Sougé, I joyfully facilitate mindful beach walks, labyrinth meditation walks and nature coaching. As a certified life & nature-based coach I have extensive experience in mindfulness practices and nature meditation. With my 10 years experience as a life coach I can professionally help clients, individuals & groups, overcome challenges using mindfulness practices and different coaching strategies & tools.

Mindfulness Coaching is great if you like to experience more balance, peace & relaxation, Nature Coaching helps you to connect with (your own) nature, and Change Coaching helps you through a major change or loss in your life. .

I am passionate about sharing with you what I have learned about how to live a life with more joy and meaning. I offer a safe space for you to open up, walk with you in nature to release stress, meditate on a rock to inspire you. I help you discover what you love to do that would give more joy and meaning in your life and find out where giving and receiving are in balance both in work and relationships. I am a bubble of ideas and you will soon be too. 

I’d like to tell you: Wake up! See the beauty around you; you are part of it, too!