Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
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Pilates & Reformer with Anna

Day & Time:     On Request

Classes:     Pilates & Pilates Reformer

Duration:     60 Minutes 

Location:     On Property/ Private Setting 

Teacher:     Anna Buryakova

In a Nutshell

Pilates is a great way to connect with your body and feel it move as well as mastering how to control it. Upgrade your practice to another level by stepping on a pilates reformer! This machine allows for more challenging moves and added resistance. The possibilities are endless as there are so many attachments and accessories that you certainly do not need a gym session after this workout anymore.

Why you need this Class and what it does for you

Pilates is well known for the emphasis on building a solid core, preventing back pain or reducing it. Good core stability is a great foundation to build overall body strength! Pilates also focuses on improving overall posture allowing you to not only walk straight and proud but also sit behind your desk ergonomically and pain free. Furthermore, it emphasizes mindfulness and body awareness, helping you connect to your body and freeing your mind of any stress or worry you may be experiencing.  

One-on One sessions are specifically tailored to meet your goals. If you are new to Pilates you will learn five basic principles in your first session. If you practiced reformer pilates before, the Instructor will prepare sessions for you according to your needs and level.

The Instructor

Born in St.Petersburg, Russia, Anna graduated from St.Petersburg's College of Culture and Arts with specialization in organizing and directing dance schools, teaching classical ballet and character dance. She then traveled and worked for different dance companies until she came to Aruba and fell in love with our beautiful island. She then went on teaching and performing in local dance schools for more than 15 years. A few years ago she decided to focus on Pilates. "I was curious how to deal with certain physical limitations while dancing or practicing. Pilates was always part of my daily routine and a great help to sustain stamina and power".

Anna completed teacher training in Toronto by STOTT Pilates and got certified. The Pilates reformer class takes place in her private studio close to Bucuti & Tara. 

We highly recommend trying her classes during your stay on one happy island, as Anna is noticeably a very experienced teacher with a tremendous amount of knowledge to share.

Aside from the private setting it is also possible to book a couples session at Wicked studio in close proximity to Bucuti as shown on the flyer.