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Consciousness Coaching

  • Day & Time:     On Request

  • Duration:     60-90  Minutes 

  • Location:     Wellness Hut

  • Coach:     Veronique M.J. Croes

In a Nutshell

As a Conscious Coach, Veronique helps people reflect on their current lifestyle and guides them in adjusting and adapting to a more balanced & conscious living. Having been in the Corporate world for almost 20 years and having had her own share of burn outs and work/life imbalances, turning to and incorporating a more holistic approach to her daily life has helped her find more balance. Holistic Practices have been proven to calm the mind, ground the body & improve overall well being. She’s been guiding people who have a busy lifestyle and difficulty managing their time for work and life balance. She also provides guidance for people feeling stuck, blocked or lost in everyday life to find clarity, direction and a sense of purpose again. A Conscious Coaching Session is meant to help you evolve personally and live a more conscious life.

Why you need this Session and what it does for you

We are way past the time where one had to feel ashamed about or hide the fact that they need help from a psychologist or any other mental therapist. The hype around yoga practices amongst others has introduced spirituality into many people's lives in the western world. We are growing an awareness of the importance of mental health in our performance- focused society and are slowly making room for truly holistic healing approaches. While there are many angles from which one can attempt to take their mental health to the next level, conscious coaching gives you the tools to detach from old beliefs and makes room for new standards, detached from the conditioning you have experienced growing up and as part of society. Conscious coaching seeks to help you observe your life and choices as an observer of self and gives you the strength to start implementing changes and establish new habits. It facilitates a new view on your life, encourages you to focus on the positive and overall beauty in your life. Lastly, the question of your true purpose in life will be raised and how you can align with that purpose.

The Coach

Veronique is an experienced Manager and a Conscious Leader with a passion for coaching and motivating people to get the best out of themselves. She aspires to guide and help people transition into more conscious and transformational humans in order for them to elevate those around them.

She has worked for FMAA (Fundacion pa Maneho di Addiction Aruba) as a Spiritual Therapist and had the honor of creating a Spiritual Program for them in conjunction with the inhouse Psychologists and Psychiatrists. Working there she was also a counselor for the staff, provided training sessions on work life balance, spirituality and mental health, and taught them about spirituality & recovery. Today she focuses on her many private clients but also stepped back into the corporate world, counseling employees of large Aruban companies and helping them step into their conscious lives.