Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
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Ocean Front Pilates

  • Day: Monday (sign up required)

  • Time: 7:00 am 

  • Duration: 60 Minutes 

  • Location: Sandbar

  • Instructor: Dagmara

In a Nutshell

Start your day with some gentle movement at the beach, with the calming sound of the waves coming in. Our Pilates practice improves posture, balance and flexibility while strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This gentle session will help to improve general fitness and overall well-being. No matter if you are new to pilates or regularly practice, you will feel re- energized for the entire day!

Why you need this Class and what it does for you

Pilates is well known for the emphasis on building a solid core, preventing back pain or reducing it. Good core stability is a great foundation to build overall body strength! Pilates also focuses on improving overall posture allowing you to not only walk straight and proud but also sit behind your desk ergonomically and pain free. Furthermore, it emphasizes mindfulness and body awareness, helping you connect to your body and freeing your mind of any stress or worry you may be experiencing.

The Instructor

Dagmara has been teaching yoga & pilates for over 10 years and is very popular with both our guests and locals as she is known for finding the perfect balance of fun and relaxation for both yoga & pilates novices and experienced wellness lovers. She makes it easy to follow, relaxing, but also pushes perfectly out of one's comfort zone to try some new poses and exercises. You will walk away feeling like you have just finished a workout and happy hour all at once.