Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort
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Introduction to Personal Training

  • Day: Monday- Friday (sign up required)

  • Time: 8:30 am & on request

  • Duration: 60 Minutes 

  • Location: Tara Lounge/ Fitness Center/ Guest Room

  • Instructors: Wellness Specialists Natalie & Björn Brandts

In a Nutshell

A short session to introduce you to your tailor made functional training & recovery program. We start by analyzing your individual needs and wishes with a short round of relevant questions. We talk about possible pains and challenges and find a holistic approach to elevate your health and fitness. 

Our training approach is functional, meaning that it focuses on your daily needs, making everyday life easier and more enjoyable. No matter if you struggle to sit straight behind your computer or feel out of breath every time you walk the stairs. Together we determine your goals and give you clear directions on how to improve your posture & core strength or endurance. In addition to an exercise demonstration we are happy to provide you with tips on nutrition and recovery, depending on what your situation requires and heart desires.

Why you need this Class and what it does for you

There’s a difference between exercising and training. Exercise simply describes physical activity that elevates your pulse and blood pressure. Training, however, is a goal- oriented approach to improve the individually desired health measures. This is the profession of a personal trainer: Investigate what the trainee is struggling with and teach the solution. This includes but is not limited to weight loss. It extends to pain reduction in people with achy knees due to wear and tear as much as helping the average mother gain energy to master her busy schedule.  

A functional approach to training describes an exercise approach that aims to improve the activities of daily life. Which movements are relevant for YOUR daily life is highly individual. While athletes need to practice sports relevant movement patterns, YOUR life may require an improved posture when sitting behind the computer for a prolonged time. 

However, there are exercises of which the strength gains translate incredibly well to other daily movements and we love showing these to you all. 

Regardless of what your days look like, your trainer will help define the motions that need work and show you the best way to go about your struggles. A functional, also called movement- specific workout is proven to upgrade your speed, strength, power, balance & agility! Feel free to communicate any ideas and desires of skills you may seek to acquire, even if they are (not yet) part of your daily routine and we are happy to show you the best approach.

The Instructors

Our instructors Bjorn and Natalie are highly educated in the fields of Personal Training, Nutrition and Physiotherapy and have more than 10 years of experience coaching clients toward their best selves.  

Besides their degrees in Physical Training, Personal Training, Physiotherapy and Nutrition they’re very passionate about their own physical and mental health. They love a good strength training session but enjoy yoga and meditation just as much to keep them centered and focused. They lead by example but know and emphasize the challenges of work and family life, as they are parents themselves and previously ran their own Personal Training Gym back in Hamburg, Germany. Bjorn and Natalie are excited to share their nuggets of wisdom and spread an even healthier mindset amongst all our guests.