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Wellness Specialists Debut New Offerings

Wellness Specialists Debut New Offerings

Bucuti & Tara wellness specialists Natalie and Bjorn Brandts are expanding our haven of wellness experiences with the launch of a new line of benefit-filled classes. Combining the best of the natural beauty and resources of our prime Eagle Beach locale with our certified wellness specialists, our new offerings expand our resort’s all-encompassing wellness portfolio so our guests can continue choosing wellness in a just-right-for-me manner. 

Expanded wellness for more defined results

The new line of classes are the result of increased demand from our guests based on the increasing success of our other offerings. Our resort’s wellness specialists provide our guests with Aruba’s top instructors in their respective specialties, a differentiator within Bucuti & Tara’s approach to ensuring guests receive the highest quality. 

Available now for all Bucuti & Tara guests, the new wellness offerings are available on select days and times throughout the week. They include:

  • Stretch & Relax. By focusing on positions that slowly let go of muscle tension resulting in increased flexibility, better circulation, improved parasympathetic activation for greater calmness and relaxation, improved posture, and overall better performance in exercise and sports.
  • Functional Bodyweight Movement. The approach focuses on groups of muscles instead of singling out a muscle. By working on groups of muscles at once, the holistic approach focuses on movements that can improve everyday functions such as carrying groceries and getting in and out of vehicles, to boosting exercise performance, and even burning fat.
  • Aloe Scrub Experience. Aloe vera is prominent in Aruba’s culture and heritage. Led by an aloe expert, guests will learn the many health benefits of aloe, how to properly cut the leaf, and ultimately make their own personal scrub that will boost the well-being of their skin. This one-of-a-kind keepsake lets guests enjoy the wonders of Aruba long after their visit.
  • Core Strength. Guests are led through core exercises that train the muscles in the core to work in harmony. The results include better balance, injury prevention, reduced back pain, improved lifting, better posture, and improved fitness performance.
  • Yoga in the Sand. The elements of Mother Nature’s sea breezes, warming sun, and soft powdery sand combine with the physical fitness, stress relief and relaxation derived from yoga. As an added benefit, by practicing on the sand further helps build muscle and further develops balance.
  • Posture Fix. In a world of screens - sitting to watch television, typing on computers, and staying in-tune with mobile phones - posture suffers. To ward off spinal strain, joint degeneration, slumped shoulders and even growing stomachs, guests focus on strengthening their posture.
  • Mobility & Fascia Release. Using a foam roller, guests learn self-massage techniques that increase their mobility by releasing their connective tissue, or fascia.

Each class is $25 per person. You may sign up through your personal concierge assigned before your arrival or via email wellness@bucuti.com. These new, routinely scheduled classes are the latest in our comprehensive wellness program. From complimentary daily wellness offerings to completely customized wellness itineraries, you may opt for a leisurely approach, an immersive wellness vacation, and anything in between to create the balance that is just right for you.

Whether incorporating wellness into a stay or intending a wellness-focused vacation, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort continues helping guests discover the best combinations of Aruba’s stunning nature with healthy offerings for a multisensory experience that will forever leave an imprint on their continuum of wellness,” says Natalie Brandts, Wellness Specialist at our resort.

Backed by recognition

For guests new to Bucuti & Tara, our resort’s best-of-the-best approach is deeply rooted throughout every aspect of the stay. The Caribbean’s first certified carbon-neutral hotel entered 2023 with its latest certifications and accolades to include:

  • Green Globe Platinum certification
  • Certified CarbonNeutral(R)
  • Booking.com - 9.6/10 - Aruba’s highest rated hotel
  • USA TODAY 10Best:
  • Best Adults Only Resorts in the World
  • Best Caribbean Resort
  • Best Restaurant in the Caribbean 
  • US News & World Report - Gold Badge:
  • No. 1 Hotel in Aruba
  • No. 1 Resort in Aruba
  • Top 25 Best Caribbean Hotel
  • Top 20 Best Caribbean Resort