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How to keep our lights on with your workout

How to keep our lights on with your workout

Not everyone works out in our gym during their stay - but those who do may have seen our Eco-Powr bike which generates electricity during your work out.  Due to popular demand, we have ordered four more to arrive next month!

Yes!  The equipment works by turning human energy into utility-grade electricity through a micro-inverter technology. When plugged into an outlet, the equipment converts the energy produced through the workout into kilowatts that are capable of producing more than 160 watt-hours of electricity in a single workout. This will be providing our guests the option of giving back to the environment, as the machines are not using energy but generating it, guests will be helping us and reduce theirs and our carbon footprint while lowering power consumption.

Fun Fact: A professional cyclist can generate up to 400 watts. On average, 100 watt-hours can power a laptop for two hours, an iron for up to six minutes and a 15-watt fluorescent bulb for six hours and 40 minutes, according to “Mother Earth News.”

We hope you will enjoy your work out and feel good about not only reducing energy consumption, but actually producing it!!