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Delectable dining perfectly proportioned

Delectable dining perfectly proportioned

At Bucuti & Tara’s restaurant, Elements, you can now enjoy our diverse fine dining menu choices with perfectly sized healthy portions. We learn a lot from listening to guest comments. For many guests, our food portions were actually too large, leaving them feeling uncomfortably full or wasteful since they couldn’t finish their entire meal. Oftentimes there was no room for dessert so they weren’t able to enjoy everything our talented chefs have to offer.

By introducing our new perfectly sized healthy portions, you will now be pleasantly satiated with nutritious protein servings complemented with wholesome carbohydrates and fresh vegetables. And hopefully have room to enjoy a dessert! The Elements dining experience is an extension of our commitment to a sense of total wellness for you. Healthy portion sizes are a natural step in providing the best care for guests. Our European-styled serving sizes offer a more well-balanced dining experience for healthier living.

These perfectly sized healthy portions bring multiple benefits:

More Flavors to Experience — With the former larger entrée portions, some guests missed out on enjoying a two or three-course dining experience. Our new right-sized portions allow guests to have more control over how much they consume, as they can choose from a variety of courses, from flavorful appetizers and delicious desserts in addition to our entrées.

Conscientious Dining
— Before, on average 30% of each meal went unconsumed. Less food being returned to the kitchen means that we have immediately decreased the unnecessary use of key food resources used to grow and procure the food, transport it and prepare it.

True Value, Lower Price
— In keeping with the best interests of our guests, menu prices have been reduced along with portion sizes. Lower prices and sensible portions let our guests enjoy guilt-free dining including some of our delectable appetizers and desserts.

As part of our commitment to better living, we share our guests’ preferences for healthy choices and listened when you told us you wanted more sensible servings. Reducing portion sizes of our World Cuisine, Vegan/Vegetarian, Gluten-Free menus and our Natural and Organic selections is a vital step in providing a more satisfying dining experience while immediately reducing our carbon footprint. To a healthier, more satisfied you, we say “bon appetit!”