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Pre-arrival survey

On behalf of the concierge team, we look forward to welcoming you to Aruba and our resort. We love to learn more about our guests prior to arrival and to understand preferences and desires in order to provide the best possible service and suggested restaurants and excursions.

When you fill out this survey, a member of our concierge team will get back to you with curated suggestions, based upon your preferences for you to consider. This service is for guests with confirmed reservations only.

The survey is purely to provide you information and there are no bookings made or obligations whatsoever unless you ask us to reserve on your behalf. We simply wish for you to know what options are out there for you to enjoy and to know we are ready and happy to provide information, recommendations and arrangements for you upon your request.

Level of activity I prefer:

Based on preferences you choose below, we can recommend restaurants.

Restaurants Part one:
Restaurants Part two, check all that apply:
Restaurants Part three, Preferred Cuisine - check all that apply:
Special Dining Requests and Options

At Bucuti & Tara, we have Wellness Specialists who can curate an itinerary of services for you. Please indicate if one should contact you and check those categories you would like more specific information about:

Yoga and Mindfulness:


How often would you enjoy yoga?

Fitness and Training:

Personal Trainer:

Please send more information about the following options:

Spa treatments:


I am interested in more information about the following museums:

Art Galleries:

Please send more information about the following Galleries:

Rental Car:
Airport Transportation:
Final comments for your personal concierge. Please elaborate on services we can help arrange for you.