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Your eco room at Bucuti & Tara

Your eco room at Bucuti & Tara
For over 20 years, Bucuti has focused on offering an exceptional vacation experience in a peaceful environment, with a commitment to maintaining a safe, healthy and sustainable environment at all times. Eco-friendly practices started early on coupled with the desire to create an allergy free environment for our guests. As a result, when we built Tara suites, we used state of the art safeguards, like farmed wood, energy-saving and air cleaning technologies, recycled and hypo-allergenic materials, and LED or CFL lighting. Even the new mattresses are made of all natural fibers and recycled materials.
Meanwhile, the tropical weather that so many of our guests dream about in the weeks leading up to their Aruba getaway, comes with humidity and moisture that enter the room via open doors and windows. This causing weeping walls, followed by mildew and mold, which are major triggers for allergies and respiratory problems. Over the years, we have searched for healthy and natural solutions to make sure these effects of the climate don’t interfere with the guests’ in-room comfort. We have recently installed HEPA air purifiers to remove allergens and dehumidifiers to avoid mold and mildew, in all our Bucuti and Tara rooms.
Our goal is to provide guests with the optimal opportunity to experience an eco-room that is both safe, healthy, and irritant-free, while minimizing energy consumption. Examples include the use of organic cleaning compounds, natural fabrics, and a state of the art air-conditioning system that counteracts energy waste. Multiple trashcans allow for recycling and run-off water from our sinks, showers, air-conditioning and dehumidifiers is captured, disinfected and reused in our garden. Our appliances are Energy Star rated and we supply water canteens to each guest to refill, eliminating the need for plastic bottles.
As a result, we can offer Eco Rooms which reduce the environmental footprint, while increasing comfort. Similar Eco Rooms at other locations are sold at an additional charge for the privilege, but at Bucuti we supply them to every guest at no extra charge.
Although our Eco Rooms have many benefits, there are some side-effects that have been a noted concern for our guests in the past, such as the humming noise of the dehumidifier or the dehumidifier’s tank filling up too quickly. To counteract this, we encourage guests to turn off the dehumidifier if the noise becomes bothersome, and to avoid leaving doors and windows open in order to prevent the buildup of moisture in the room. The recommended setting for the humidifiers is at 70% humidity, to enable the dehumidifier to fill up less frequently.
By working together we hope to affect the larger good and minimize any related inconveniences. We value your questions and comments, so that we may do everything in our power to continue creating the ultimate vacation experience and maintaining Bucuti as a special place to visit.
Ewald K. Biemans

Owner & CEO