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Sustainability on the Menu

Sustainability on the Menu

The Lionfish dazzles with beauty and grace, but did you know that this spectacular fish has spread throughout the coral reefs of the Caribbean, where they prey on and compete with other species, generally decimating the native ecosystem?  In areas the fish has invaded, the native reef fish species has dropped by an average of 65 percent*

We are helping to solve this crisis on our reefs and protect the native fish species and ecosystem in Aruba reefs with a natural solution – we put them on the menu! Lionfish Cerviche is a delicious and popular dish with Bucuti & Tara guests who dine at our Elements restaurant on the beach.  Elements is the only restaurant in Aruba where this delicacy is permanently on the menu.

Contributing to the health of our coral reefs and our environment in general is what have been awarded for at Bucuti & Tara.  As part of our sustainability program, we are dedicated to the most effective effort found to solve the crisis and that is supporting their removal from the reefs.

Shown in the photo is Patrick van Brakel, Aruba’s Lionfish hunter.  He was invited by Elements Restaurant management to refresh our kitchen and server team on how to explain the lionfish problem to diners.  He is seen in the photo educating the team about the vast environmental havoc this small fish causes.

No one is certain how the fish made their way into the wild, but it is believed that some were released into the ocean by aquarium owners at least 30 years ago. The hearty species took it from there.

Come to Elements and enjoy our Lionfish Cerviche, expertly prepared by our chefs and enjoy a delicious treat and contribute to the solution!

*University of Canterbury Study published 2012