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Protecting Aruba's Precious Sea Turtles

Protecting Aruba's Precious Sea Turtles

In the heart of the Caribbean lies a haven for marine life, where pristine beaches and azure waters provide the backdrop for one of nature's most remarkable spectacles: the nesting and hatching of sea turtles. Aruba, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, also serves as a crucial nesting ground for four species of sea turtles: the Leatherback, Loggerhead, Green, and Hawksbill. At Bucuti & Tara, we are honored to collaborate closely with the Turtugaruba Foundation, dedicated to the preservation of these magnificent creatures.

Nesting and Hatching Seasons:

The nesting season in Aruba typically spans from March to September, a period when these majestic turtles emerge from the ocean to lay their eggs in the warm sands of our beaches. The incubation period lasts approximately 60 to 70 days, with hatching occurring between May and November. This delicate process is a testament to the resilience of these ancient creatures, but it also presents challenges that threaten their survival. All updates of nesting periods and locations can be found on our Turtle Nesting page. Here you can also find more detailed explanations of the beautiful different types of turtles that come to Aruba. 

Challenges and Conservation Efforts:

One of the primary challenges faced by sea turtles in Aruba is light pollution. Artificial lights along the coastline can disorient nesting females and hatchlings, leading them away from the safety of the ocean. Through our ongoing collaboration with the  Turtugaruba Foundation, we have established important measures to safeguard the well-being of sea turtles throughout their crucial nesting and hatching periods. Among these measures is the strategic placement of turtle-friendly lighting along the beachfront. Additionally, we reduce any bright and artificial lighting facing the ocean to minimize any potential disruption to these majestic creatures as they undertake their remarkable journey of reproduction and survival. 

Our Dedicated Associates: 

Our team recently completed their annual training on sea turtle nesting, reinforcing our commitment to environmental responsibility at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. Each year, we ensure that all staff members are well-informed about the latest updates in turtle nesting patterns and conservation measures. We ensure that all new staff members participate in this training to guarantee comprehensive understanding. However, special emphasis is placed on training our beach staff, as they operate directly on the beach, often near potential nesting sites.

During these sessions, our associates are trained to identify potential nesting sites along the coastline and to recognize signs of nesting activity. This training equips them to protect turtle nests effectively and to report any sightings promptly to the Tortugaruba Foundation. 

As stewards of this pristine environment, it is our responsibility to ensure the survival and flourishing of Aruba's sea turtles. Through our partnership with the Turtugaruba Foundation, we are committed to protecting these magnificent creatures for generations to come. By raising awareness, implementing conservation measures, and actively engaging in collaborative efforts, we can safeguard the future of sea turtles in Aruba and preserve the natural beauty of our island paradise.