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Profile: Meet Reservations Manager, Mitchell Goeldjar

Profile: Meet Reservations Manager, Mitchell Goeldjar

Guests don’t often see Mitchell Goeldjar; however, every day, he diligently works in his resort office as Bucuti & Tara’s Reservations Manager—a virtuoso orchestrating seamless stays. Aptly described as the maestro behind Tripadvisor’s No. 1 Hotel in the Caribbean and No. 18 Best Hotel in the World, Mitchell navigates the intricate rhythm of a 97%+ year-round occupancy. When prospective guests endeavor to secure reservations, it is often a phone call or email to Mitchell and the reservations team that unveils the perfect harmony of rooms and dates.

From helping nervous boyfriends plan surprise engagement trips, assisting excited soon-to-be newlyweds plan for their intimate destination wedding, caring for couples celebrating milestone anniversaries, finding last minute availability for a busy flight attendant couple who are routine guests and more, every couple is unique to Mitchell who warmly welcomes their vacation wishes.

A peek behind the scenes

Mitchell began his journey with Bucuti & Tara in October 2013. Over the years, his role has evolved in helping guests arrive at their dream vacations while contributing to and witnessing the resort’s growth and celebrated success firsthand.

If you’ve ever played the puzzle video game Tetris, that’s a mere glimpse into the working world Mitchell and his team lead. Everyday is refreshingly unpredictable and fast-paced, a constant challenge that is rewarded with happy guests. All day, every day, the resort is grateful to hear from hopeful travelers from anyone of at least 25+ countries per day (and almost as many languages!) who want to experience a memorable Bucuti & Tara vacation. 

To accommodate as many reservation requests as they can, they work magic with the intention of finding rooms for everyone. Behind the magic, Mitchell and team leverage advanced reservation systems, meticulously analyze booking patterns and proactively communicate with future and potential guests. They thrive on the challenge, working harmoniously to create space where others see limitations.

This can be a lot of pressure with the myriad of details involved while balancing guest satisfaction with the hotel’s overall performance. They make it look seamless. Mitchell readily shares it is a collaborative, synergistic approach. Their goal is to treat every guest’s stay not as a booking, rather, as a carefully curated experience tailored to the guest’s needs within the resort’s cornerstones of romance, wellness and sustainability.

The path to Bucuti & Tara

Mitchell’s academic journey in hospitality began at the University of Aruba, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business & Tourism. He is now expanding his strategic expertise by earning a Master’s Degree in Executive Management at Les Roches University in Marbella, Spain. His goal is to contribute more significantly to the hotel's legacy and the enchantment of Aruba as a premier destination.

He has honed his expertise in the hospitality sector spanning food and beverage management to reservations, through diverse roles across notable hotels including Hotel Krasnapolsky in Suriname, the Bergendal Resort in Suriname and others. His commitment to excellence is underpinned by professional certifications from the esteemed École hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland for High-Performance Distribution Strategy for Hotels, Revenue Management for Market Leaders, and Successful Hotel E-Marketing and Social Media Strategies. He also has vital life-saving skills with  CPR, AED and First Aid certifications.

He shares in the resort’s major accolades and awards. Additionally, his individual merits include being a nominee for the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHATA) Young Professional of the Year, the AHATA Excellence Awards - Manager of the Year and the Aruba Shoco Young Tourism Professional award.

Listening to guests, taking action

Every guest comment, whether in person, online, called-in or even handwritten is reviewed by Bucuti & Tara’s leadership team. Mitchell enjoys actively reviewing guests' highly valuable feedback. He analyzes it to identify patterns and opportunities to help elevate their vacation experience. Mitchell also keeps an eye on industry trends, especially innovations aligning with Bucuti & Tara’s goals and sustainability ethos. Guests benefit from this holistic approach that helps them experience a memorable vacation while also caring for the planet.

Beyond Bucuti

Leadership, high expectations for himself, and lifelong learning were instilled in Mitchell by his pastor father and professor mother. He pursues his life beyond Bucuti & Tara with the same values, goal orientation and resiliency.

An avid fitness enthusiast, Mitchell greets the day at 5 a.m. beginning at the gym, a ritual that energizes him for the day ahead. When time permits later in the day he’ll refresh with a swim. He centers himself and rejuvenates his spirit with quality time spent with his loved ones and three dogs. 

Looking ahead

This Oct., Mitchell marked 10 years at Bucuti & Tara. He has helped thousands of guests plan their vacations resulting in a lifetime of memories and remains committed to helping many more discover the world’s top resort for romance, wellness and sustainability. Mitchell asks, how can we help you plan your dream Bucuti & Tara vacation