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International Women's Week - Michiko Eman

International Women's Week - Michiko Eman

When Michiko Eman accepted the position as Human Resources Manager in 2019, she was tasked with the overhaul of the department. This included the modernization of its systems, updating policies, upgrading to better software, managing compliance with changing laws, and the organization of training plans with department heads, all while minding the environmental policy, including new paperless initiatives.

Change is turbulent, and Michiko handled it all with calm and grace. Within months of her start, she had earned the role of department head, and was completely in charge of Human Resources for Bucuti & Tara.

And then came COVID-19. New safety protocols were immediately necessary and with this came added complications.

“No day in Human Resources is the same, and that is what makes it so interesting and challenging for me. There is nothing better than a good challenge!” shares Michiko.

She was made for this job.

One of Michiko’s talents is how well she succeeds in managing the needs of the staff and the goals of management. Michiko is a compassionate leader, always taking time to understand the needs of the situation entirely.

Born in the Netherlands and raised in Aruba from the age of six, Michiko’s father is Dutch and her mother is from Indonesia. She returned to the Netherlands after finishing high school to continue her studies and chose Human Resource Management as her major, at the Hogeschool in Leiden. Within the ten years she remained in Holland, Michiko worked with prestigious companies, large and small, including the Netherlands’ largest employment agency.

She brought her expertise and experience back to Aruba with Bucuti & Tara benefitting since. Michiko integrated the HR and Payroll Module of the resort’s Payroll Pro system for more effective, efficient results that improved the process significantly.  In spotlighting positive staff initiatives, Michiko shined the light on the outstanding performance of our senior bartender, Aldrick Pontilius, when he stepped up to lead his team when the borders closed during COVID-19. Michiko helped highlight Aldrick’s initiatives to build team morale and output – an accomplishment recognized island-wide when Michiko nominated him for the Award of Excellence by our Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, and he received the recognition he deserved!

In her free time, Michiko enjoys yoga and meditation, being outdoors in the beautiful Aruban sunshine, and spending time with loved ones.