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Afl. 35,000 raised towards Stimami Sterilisami subsidized spay and neuter for pets

Afl. 35,000 raised towards Stimami Sterilisami subsidized spay and neuter for pets

Stimami Sterilisami Foundation was able to raise 35.000 Aruban Florins at its Summer Sidewalk Sale, the largest local hotel sale event in history, that took place nearby Bucuti & Tara at Sun Plaza.  Funds raised will help subsidize over 350 spay and neuters for local pets.  350 spays and neuters can prevent roughly 2100 unwanted puppies or kittens.

“We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible turnout, the Aruban community’s support, and each and every contribution and volunteer that made this event a success. It was truly heartwarming to see how many organizations participated and the items that they donated in support of the sale. We would like to thank Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, Marriott Vacation Club, Ritz Carlton, RIU Hotel & Resorts, Tara Eco Supplies, Ben Kaufman, Yesenia Arends, Sun Plaza, Craft & Lola, New York Laundry, Nine Lives Foundation, Sgt Pepper’s Friends and Luna Foundation for their generous contributions and volunteers. In addition to thanking the organizations, I would like to give special thanks to the Board Members of Stimami, Jenny Erazo, Kamilla Erazo, Davika Hoo, and Jasmin Maduro, for their assistance, time, and dedication in organizing the event.” Ewald Biemans, President of Stimami Sterilisami, explains. 

The day was filled with incredible deals on brand new and used hotel items, activities for children organized by the Marriott activities team, and the possibility of adopting a puppy or kitten from Nine Lives Foundation, Sgt Pepper’s Friends, and Luna Foundation. The event was attended by hundreds of visitors, with customers already lining up two hours before the event started and items selling out within the first few hours. 100% of all funds raised will be used to cover the costs of sterilizations of cats and dogs through Stimami Sterilisami’s national spay and neuter campaign. 

Stimami Sterilisami invites the entire Aruban community and volunteer groups to register their pets via www.stimamisterilisami so that we can continue with our mission to mitigate the suffering of abandoned pets.