Timing is everything.  According to a recent Washington Post article, it’s the difference between a great meal and a dining experience that left a bad taste in your mouth. The recent trend of clearing plates the moment guests have finished dining, rather than waiting until all guests have finished, as has long been the service custom, led the writer to call it “the most annoying restaurant trend happening today.”

Have fun in the sun but please remember…

As you may know, Aruba has more sunny days than any other Caribbean island and we recognize that our visitors are here to take advantage of the sun, sand and sea. With our resort being located on world-renowned Eagle Beach, we realize that our guests plan to spend most of their time relaxing on the beach sipping tropical drinks and enjoying our cooling trade winds. Of course we encourage our guests to do so but to keep in mind that Aruba is very close to the equator and the trade winds tend to mask the intensity of the hot sun.


The Bucuti & Tara team and I love Aruba and believe that our island has something special to offer all travelers, from adventurers and thrill-seekers, to families with small kids, to couples celebrating their honeymoon or wedding anniversary.  We notice that many great resorts on Aruba also try to be everything to everybody, hosting families, honeymooners, destination weddings, private parties and conventions all at the same time.

At Bucuti, we do the opposite; we choose to focus solely on travelers who are seeking romance and tranquility.  Instead of trying to please everyone visiting Aruba, we specialize in offering an intimate and peaceful environment with privacy and unobtrusive, caring service.

Sea Turtle Nesting and Hatching on Eagle Beach

Each year, from March through July, thousands of sea turtles make their way to the Caribbean to nest. Sea turtles return to the beach where they were born to nest after reaching maturity. Many Leatherback Turtles nest on Eagle Beach, meaning our guests may have the opportunity to witness this emotional and beautiful experience.

For many, experiencing a nesting turtle or watching a baby hatchling make their way to the sea is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Bucuti recognizes this, so during turtle season we have a call list which guests can sign up to watch the Leatherback Turtles as they come ashore to lay their eggs or to watch the tiny hatchlings make their incredible passage to the ocean for the first time.

To Do or Not To Do

I am proud to announce that Bucuti was named the Caribbean’s best hotel in TripAdvisor’s 2015 Traveler’s Choice Awards. We are extremely grateful for our past guests who helped us achieve this top ranking by sharing their experiences with positive reviews and insider tips. Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing, dedicated staff, who put forth so much effort to ensure that guests feel like VIPs throughout their stay.

In looking for inspiration for today’s blog post, I ran across an article titled “Top 10 Things Not to Do at a Hotel.” I found it worthwhile to share its points and expand upon them in an effort to help set the right expectations. 

Why Aruba?

As owner of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts, I often get asked how I chose Aruba out of all the beautiful islands in the Caribbean. In today’s post, I’ll discuss with you the many reasons why I, as well as millions of travelers from across the globe, have chosen Aruba and why the island has one of the highest repeat visitation rates in the Caribbean.

Sunshine 365 Days a Year

Advance Check-in, Added Convenience

Have you ever arrived to your hotel and wished you could skip the check-in process and just head straight to your room or the beach? Now at Bucuti, you can!

When you use the Advance Check-in option, your tranquil experience begins as soon as you step foot onto the property. Your Personal Concierge will greet you upon arrival and whisk you away to your room with our personalized Tablet Check-in system, using the tablet to complete your check-in while escorting you to your room. As part of the ongoing commitment to offering the most carefree vacation possible, we are continuously thinking of innovative ways to enhance the guest experience. No more hassles, just relaxing.


It’s no secret that Aruba boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including our home here on Eagle Beach. What you may not think of are all the experiences that await you off the white sand. With a national park that covers nearly 20 percent of the island, incredible nature preserves, beautiful trade winds and some friendly creatures that call it all home, Aruba sets the stage for an unforgettable vacation experience. So where to first?   


We’ve all been there. You’re planning your next getaway. You’ve chosen your destination, found the ideal resort and you’re ready to click book. Just before you do you’re asked if you’d like to purchase travel insurance. Often times we don’t give the question a second thought, but a small investment upfront could save you a great deal in the long run.

Sun, Sand and Safety – Take Time to Know the Tide

When we ask guests what’s the first thing they’d like to do upon checking into Bucuti the response is often take a swim in that beautiful water. When you arrive you’ll see why. Before your plane even touches down in Oranjestad the crystal blue waters off Aruba’s coast will start to call your name. Like most of the Caribbean, the water here is refreshing and clear, standing in sharp contrast to our white sand beaches. Part of our resort philosophy dictates that we treat all elements of nature with a level of respect, and the ocean is no exception. So before you dive in for that first cool dip let’s take a moment to get to know the water.

Is the water in Aruba safe for swimmers?

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