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Aruba Aloe Wellness Month

Aruba Aloe Wellness Month
In today’s world of constant connectivity, taking a break from day-to-day life is more important than ever. The simple act of going on vacation can help improve your physical health, increase your mental capacity, sharpen your creativity and make you more productive – thus elevating your overall wellness. I am excited to announce that June has been designated as Aruba Aloe Wellness Month here on the islandAll month long, we will be highlighting the ways you can incorporate wellness activities into your stay at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort and embrace the inner serenity that only some time at the beach can provide.
For starters, you will slip into a calmer state of mind as soon as you feel the soft white sands of Eagle Beach between your toes, the clear waters of the Caribbean lapping at your feet and the refreshing trade breezes blowing at your back. Studies have shown that being near the coast can reduce stress and positively affect wellbeing, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D in the form of warm sunshine (in moderation, of course) can lift your mood almost immediately. Locals swear by the therapeutic powers of a swim in the ocean, as seawater can help heal wounds, reduce joint pain and stress and even alleviate depression. We do everything we can to make sure you can get to the beach as soon as possible upon arrival, so you can you begin soaking in your natural surroundings and their glorious health benefits right away.Once you’ve settled in, you will become intimately aware of the peace and tranquility Bucuti is known for.
Our environment allows for pure, uninterrupted relaxation like none other in Aruba. Our signature red flag service at the beach and pool lets you enjoy peace and solitude, discreetly calling for service only when you desire. If you really want to unwind and reduce your stress level, and all the negative effects associated with it, a visit to Purun Spa is just what the doctor ordered. Massages can help ease issues like headaches, insomnia and anxiety, while several of our signature treatments, such as the luxurious Coconut Milk and Aloe Wrap, allow you to experience the healing properties of fresh, locally grown Aruba Aloe. Known as “the plant of immortality”, aloe is one of nature’s best moisturizers.
What you put in your body is just as important as what you put on your skin, and Elements, our oceanfront restaurant, is committed to serving up flavorful dishes in healthy, European-style portions. Our talented chefs use organic ingredients whenever possible, and our menus feature delectable vegetarian, vegan and gluten free selections such as Carrot Ginger Soup with Chili Coconut Oil and Pineapple stuffed with Sautéed Quinoa. During Aruba Aloe Wellness Month, we will also be serving a special Southwestern Aloe Salad and Aloe Smoothie, so you can take advantage of all the benefits locally grown aloe offers.
When you are ready to get active, you can sweat it out at our modern fitness center with a view. There is no lack of inspiration at this state-of-the-art facility where expansive windows make Eagle Beach your backdrop. To nourish the mind-body connection, Qi Gong classes take place on the beach each Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. If you want to feel good by doing good, join us for one of our regularly scheduled Beach Clean-ups or one of our other eco-conscious activities. Our concierge team can also assist in arranging personal training sessions, yoga classes, paddle boarding excursions, and hiking in the stunning Arikok National Park. The park offers breathtaking views of Aruba’s more rugged half, where blue waters of the island’s coastline stand in dramatic contrast to desert-like natural landscape dotted with cacti and protected flora and fauna.
When you return from your adventures, you can take comfort in knowing that our rooms are designed to promote optimal health and wellness. Purifiers and dehumidifiers circulate clean, fresh air, and smoking is permitted only in designated areas on the beach and in the garden. We also use Aruba Aloe bath products exclusively in all rooms throughout the resort. 
These are just a few suggestions for ways you can invest in your own wellness during your stay at Bucuti, and there are plenty of other simple healthy living practices that can be easily implemented. For example, you can use your time in Aruba to catch up on sleep with a rejuvenating nap on the beach. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your overall health, and getting some serious shut-eye support both physical and mental wellbeing. Walk hand in hand with your partner on the beach to experience the benefits of touch. In addition to making your heart happy, research has shown that hand holding and hugs can help lower your blood pressure. Speaking of walking, it is one of the best cardiovascular activities you can engage in, and it can put you in a great mood. 
At Bucuti, we go to great lengths to make your stay restorative, as we want you to leave feeling healthier, stronger and more relaxed and at peace than when you arrived. Whether you are in need of sunshine, physical activity, natural beauty, or simply want to enjoy the best night of sleep you have had all year, we will help make your dream a reality so you can return calm, tranquil and ready to face the world.
We look forward to seeing you soon. With peace, love, happiness (and wellness!), naturally.