Papiamento is Aruba’s local language, evolved from Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and a sprinkling of African, English and French. Although Dutch is the official language, English and Spanish are widely spoken throughout the island.


Bon Bini! Welcome!
Con ta bai? How are you doing?
Bon, danki! Fine, thank you!
Mi ta bon, danki I am fine, thanks
Masha Danki! Thank you very much!
Di Nada! You are welcome (or) Don’t mention it!
Hopi bon! Great, Very good !!
Mi ta comprende I understand
Con bo Nomber Ta? What is your name?
Mi Nomber ta Naomi My name is Naomi
Mi no ta comprende bo I do not understand you
Contento di mirabo! Nice to meet you!
Mi tin sed I am thirsty
Mi tin hamber I am hungry
Mi ta papia Ingles I speak English
E ta leu pa bai? Is it far to go?
Tur hende ta lief Everybody is nice
Ban come na.... Let’s eat at.....
Unda bo ta keda? Where are you staying?
Mi ta keda na Bucuti I am staying at the Bucuti
Unda bo ta bai? Where are you going?
Mi ta bai Casino I am going to the Casino
Mi ta cansa I am tired
Cuanto anja bo tin? How old are you?
Ami tin 35 ana I am 35 years old
Bo kier balia? Would you like to dance?
Ban beach! Let’s go to the beach!
Aruba ta Bunita Aruba is beautiful
Laga nos bai playa! Let’s go to town
Mi kier un serbes friew I want a cold beer
Solo ta briya The sun is shining
Bon tempo semper! Always nice weather!
Mi ta jama un taxi I’ll call a taxi