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Green yet comfortable

Green yet comfortable
As many of you may know Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts has been at the forefront of the green movement for the past 25 years. From water-saving practices to recycling we are proud to have adopted a number of ways that minimize our environmental impact without impeding on your experience. One of the most innovative systems in place is our room energy management system by InnCom, which contributes to three vital parts of energy management: lights, air-conditioning/thermostat and humidity level. Don’t worry, there’s no need to remind each other to turn out the lights, because through this state-of-the-art system we’re able to take care of it for you. Also, a desired temperature is set for you, and the system takes care of the rest. So how does it work? InnCom’s automated guestroom system is able to sense when you enter and exit your room through a magnetic strip on your guestroom door and a motion sensor in your thermostat. When you are in your room the system sets the lights and thermostat to predetermined levels, and when you’re out enjoying your vacation the lights are turned off and the temperature is set to conservation levels. The magnetic strip and motion sensor work in concert so that when you enter the room and motion is detected, the thermostat will lock itself to maintain your ideal setting and it will not adjust until the entry door opens and closes and there is no motion detected in the room.
For your comfort the thermostats here at Bucuti have been preset to 70°F. Should you wish to lower the temperature or turn-off the air-conditioning completely please contact the front desk and a staff member will be happy to assist. Please note if you do decide to turn off your air-conditioning entirely it will automatically turn back on when you leave in order to maintain comfort in the room and avoid any mold or mildew.
The system is also able to recognize check-in and check-out status. For example, if a room has been checked-out of and the motion sensors detect entrance and movement from housekeeping staff, then the room remains in energy management status. The system does provide for manual overrides of lighting and temperature settings during occupancy, providing you with control of lighting and thermostat settings when inside the room.
In addition to temperature and light controls, the state of the art system also provides an electronic door bell, do not disturb and room make up indicators which eliminates the plastic door knob signage.
Should you have any concerns about the settings throughout your stay our staff will be more than happy to make any necessary adjustments.