Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts has added a new feature to its expansive environmental program: INNCOM’s Glass Series Guest Interface Device Suite.


Aruba?s Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts has launched a new Eco-Chic Aruba Wedding Experience for couples looking to go green on their big day. Committed to sustainable tourism for over 25 years.


For pure beach bliss, it doesn’t get any better than Bucuti Beach Resort & Tara Beach Suites. The property fronts a wide stretch of Eagle Beach on Aruba.


Imagine the perfect island setting: sounds of the shore from a blue-green sea horizon that?s backdropped by nautical European deco, white puffy clouds above, lounging in a cabana..


We all want to be treated like kings and queens on our honeymoons. And sometimes you end up with some really swanky upgrades when flight attendants or a concierge finds out you’re newly married.


Lately, I’ve been joking that I don’t like to get on a plane unless I get to use my passport. Everyones travel style is different, but for me, the lure of foreign cultures..


As the importance of sustainable tourism continues to grow, environmentally sensitive travelers should be aware of the difference between authentically green resorts and ?greenwashed?


Travelling to the Caribbean is a fun and typically less expensive vacation for south Floridians, but not all islands are LGBT friendly.


Boasting the highest repeat visitor rate in the Caribbean, Aruba is on a roll with a host of new travel incentives. The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) and the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (AHTA) have launched an agent-friendly website?


I thought coming up with a Caribbean destination that would satisfy Karen MacDowell’s wish list -- all-inclusive, no kids, easy flight from Washington,


We’re just back from a week in Aruba, with a firm grasp of what makes this "happy island" unique in the Caribbean. While 75% of visitors to Aruba go year after year to merely wander out to a soothing, breeze-swept beach and lie down for weeks on end.


As more and more hotels are seeking to implement enviromentally-friendly practices, many are looking to certifications to help them achieve their goals.


This elegant oasis provides Aruba’s most adult ambience. Set on one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, a serene 14-acre expanse of sugary white sand, it?s a favored retreat for sophisticated couples of all ages, especially honeymooners.


On the morning of our departure, I awoke to the sound of water pinging off of my window-mounted air conditioner. Never a deep-sleeper when I know an early rise is in store.


Imagine a table set up on the beach, illuminated by flame torches and candlelight. Waiters serving a five course meal of Caribbean shrimp, lobster, chocolate mousse and, of course, champagne. Sound romantic?


On the widest, most secluded section of Eagle Beach, this European-style resort is a cut above the rest. Hacienda-style buildings house sunny rooms with cherrywood furnishings, sparkling tile floors, and ocean-view terraces.


You can?t help but hum a Beach Boys or Jimmy Buffett tune when planning a Caribbean honeymoon. But if all you know about the islands is what you?ve heard in a song, you?ll need a little help navigating your tropical escape.


Take only pictures, leave only footprints? That’s the mantra of the earth-concious tourist. Here, a roundup of trips to delight the senses and preserve the planet.


While the rest of the Caribbean prepares for hurricane season in summer and fall, Aruba attracts savvy visitors all year long, thanks to its reliably dry weather and location outside the hurricane belt.


Aruba is known as a place to party and honeymoon, but it is not famed for chic hotels. Now the island?s lodging scene has been spiffed up, and heres a sampling of what you’ll find.