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Beach Chair reservation system

If you have been a guest at our resort, you know we enjoy the best location on expansive and peaceful Eagle Beach, the #3 Beach in the World according to TripAdvisor. Guests enjoy more beach space per person than at any other resort on Aruba. Bucuti & Tara is even the only resort on island with more beach chairs than guests, so there is always room for you — we guarantee it.


In the past, there has been an honor system in place for guests wishing to relax in the chairs. To be fair, we only asked that chairs not be saved by placing belongings on them. 


To ensure the umbrella and beach chair selection process continues being fair to every Bucuti guest, beginning May 1st, we will implement our new Beach Umbrella Reservation Service. This simple system guarantees you the available umbrella and paired sun loungers of your choice. There will no longer be a need to wake early and rush to the beach — after all, you’re here to relax!


Whether you wish to be by the pool, in front of the SandBar, in front of the Bucuti wing or Tara wing, or even closer to the water, this new service assures you the location you selected.



How it Works


The new Beach Umbrella Reservation Service is an easy-to-use reservation system. Upon arrival, we will show you how to use the system on your in-room tablet. 

  • When: Beach chair reservations for the following day will open each day at 5 p.m. You don’t have to make a reservation prior to your day on the beach as there are more than enough chairs.  Visit the towel hut any time the day of to choose an available umbrella (with its two chaise lounges) while you receive your towels.
  • Where: You can easily access the system on your in-room tablet, smartphone or visit the concierge or towel hut personnel
  • How: Each umbrella and pair of lounges will be numbered. Simply enter your room number and last name, touch your desired location.  Once your location is confirmed, the umbrella and chairs are yours to use for the following day.

Guaranteeing you a memorable vacation is our most important priority.


For your convenience, below are frequently asked questions about this new service. For any additional questions, please contact us at


Peace, love and happiness…naturally,

Ewald Biemans


Frequently Asked Questions:

For those who want more information about the reservation system, here are some frequently asked questions:

Q:  Why has Bucuti & Tara implemented a Beach Chair and Umbrella Reservation system?
A:   To give all guests the equal opportunity to occupy the location of their choice on the beach.
Q: What is the new beach chair & umbrella reservation system?
A: The beach chair and umbrella reservation system is a digital, self-serve reservation system that will be easily accessible and useable for all guests via our in-room tablet computer, or via the concierge or towel stand personnel. Reservations within the system will open at 5 p.m. each day for reservations the following day. Each umbrella will be numbered, and you will be able to choose an available umbrella by its number shown on a map within the reservation program.  The confirmation will happen instantly and the umbrella you confirmed will be yours to use for the following day in its entirety.  
There is no problem if you have not made a reservation the day prior.  When a guest is ready to enjoy the beach, a concierge or towel hut attendant can issue one for you on the spot.  During the welcome orientation and check-in upon arrival, guests will be shown how to use the easy-to-use system.
Q: How do I know where my reserved umbrella is?
A: The easy-to-use reservation system provides an aerial diagram of all the existing umbrellas.  Each umbrella on the diagram has a number, corresponding to the easy to see and read number on the umbrella out on the beach.  If for any reason you should have any issue finding your umbrella on the beach, a beach attendant will assist. Each umbrella has two lounge chairs.
Q: Can I book in advance?
A: Booking is available starting at 5pm the day prior.  No advance reservations are possible.  The system is meant to give equal opportunity to all guests to enjoy the location they desire.    
Q: When and where will I receive my towels, pads for the lounge and pad covers?
A: Our beach attendants will set up all reserved umbrella and chair locations between 7-7:30am.  Towels, pads and covers are not available before that time.  If you have not reserved a location, you must stop by the towel hut to pick up your towels and they will assign a location with you.
Q: What if I arrive before 7am?
A: You may occupy your location prior to 7am, however the towels and covers for reserved umbrella locations will arrive between 7 – 7:30am.  Guests should be mindful to only use their reserved location and not to occupy chairs without a reservation.
Q: What if my plans change and I will no longer use my reserved location?
A: If your plans change and you will not use your reserved spot or if you leave your reserved spot for the day, we ask that guests cancel their reservation on their tablet or with the towel attendant as a courtesy to other guests.  
Q: Can I move umbrellas?
A: You may cancel your reservation and choose a new available location on your tablet or with the towel attendant or concierge to make the change.  It is not possible to reserve two umbrellas at one time.
Q: May I reserve more than one umbrella?
A: You may reserve one umbrella maximum per room
Q: Do you charge for umbrella reservations?
A: There is no charge.  You may use your reserved location all day into the evening if desired.
Q: May I have a staff member make the reservation for me?
A: Yes, but you must appear in person to the concierge team or the towel umbrella to do so.  Our team is only able to reserve umbrellas on the same day or from 5pm for the following day.

Q: What do I do at the end of the day when I leave my umbrella location?
A: Please return your towels to the towel umbrella and inform them you are leaving, and they will cancel your reservation which will restore your umbrella location as available in the system for other guests to reserve.
 *Umbrella locations subject to change in the future