As one of the most romantic hotels in the world and a favorite amongst honeymooners, it often comes as a surprise that Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is not a place to tie the knot. Seven years ago, we stopped offering wedding ceremonies on property. As many people say about their marriage, it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. 

Couples flock to Bucuti for the white sands of Eagle Beach, the crystal clear Caribbean waters, and, most of all, our atmosphere of complete peace and tranquility. Many also come in search of an overall sense of wellness – a balance of body and spirit that is cultivated by our calm, quiet surroundings.

Over time, we learned that, while wedding ceremonies held at Bucuti were meant to be celebrations of love, they were taking away from the serene ambience that we had so carefully created and that our guests had come to expect. Large groups, banquet service, and crowds at our bar were distracting to those who had chosen Bucuti for our special brand of calm and quiet. Many honeymooners were visiting us as a respite from the hectic nature of their own big day, and witnessing others’ wasn’t weddings quite the escape from reality they had in mind.

We took this feedback from our guests to heart and ultimately stopped hosting weddings, groups, and special events. We also limited access to the resort to guests only. Since we instituted these policies, our guests have never been happier. This tranquil atmosphere is ideal for both first time guests and our many repeat visitors who look to Bucuti as a place where they can rekindle their romance, be completely rejuvenated, and invigorate their soul.

We strive to offer an experience that is special for all couples, no matter if they are newly engaged, honeymooning, celebrating an anniversary or other special occasion, seeking a wellness-focused getaway, or simply getting away from it all. There are plenty of activities that allow couples to spend real quality time together, from our movies under the stars to private dinners for two on the sand and even customized fitness programs. We can still arrange intimate ceremonies on the beach for those seeking to share their vows with just one another. If you are interested in designing a stay with any of these romantic elements in advance, please contact us at info@bucuti.com.

Our numerous awards and accolades can also be attributed in part to the unique ambiance designed specifically for couples to connect and enjoy their time together. Bucuti has been named TripAdvisor’s top hotel for romance in the Caribbean (2017) and the top hotel for romance in the world (2016). BRIDES magazine has repeatedly recognized Bucuti as one of the best hotels for honeymoons, and we like to think that they know a thing or two about what makes brides and grooms achieve post-wedding bliss.

No matter what you are seeking, we look forward to seeing you and your special someone here in our slice of paradise very soon.

With peace, love, and happiness…naturally.