Uniquely Aruba - Aruba Aloe


Aruba Aloe

An interesting and uniquely Aruban experience can be had at the Aruba Aloe museum and factory.  Founded in 1890, Aruba Aloe Balm is the oldest Aloe Company in the world and one of the first companies to formulate and manufacture aloe-based skin, hair and sun care products.  A visit to their facility can include a brief tour (offered every 15 minutes) which gives insight into how aloe is harvested and how products are made.

Whether you take a brief tour or decide to peruse the museum independently, be sure to enjoy the 11-minute movie presentation on the history behind the domestication of the aloe plant and how it shaped the beginning of an agricultural way of life for Aruban farmers starting as far back as 1890.  After that, you are free to walk the factory facilities where you’ll see the aloe cutting room, the testing lab, the filling room and aloe plants.

Aloe leaves are hand cut within hours of harvest to protect its powerful nutrients. Bucuti & Tara proudly offers fresh Aruba Aloe bath products for use in the environmentally friendly dispensers in your guest room.
Aruba Aloe Museum and Factory is close to the hotel area. See our concierge team for more information on transportation and hours of operation.