It feels good to give


For as long as I have been a part of Bucuti & Tara – thirty-two years now - I have taken great pride and pleasure knowing I was part of something bigger and more rewarding than simply a resort hotel operation.

While many of the stories published about Bucuti & Tara today involve prestigious awards and accolades, the culture of giving began humbly with one passionate leader and his focus on compassion, community and the encouragement of all his resort team members to participate.
From the day the resort opened, I watched, learned and participated in sustainable solutions to preserve our beautiful environment with tangible and impactful activities which addressed the growing problem of pollution.  While sustainability is integral to all we now do, it began with the act of cleaning beaches with guests and co-workers and watching how the islands resorts followed the lead. And beach cleaning was just the beginning...
I’ve had my heart broken to pieces and then filled with joy by the stray dogs and cats helped by the Spay and Neuter program “Stimami and Sterilisami” created and sponsored by the resort.
I’ve marched with hundreds of Arubans to the Parliament building to prevent the inhumane treatment which a permit for a Dolphinarium would cause.
I’ve cheered on dozens of leatherback hatchlings at sunset as they’ve emerged from our sand beach where our resort devotedly protected their nesting grounds and nests and supported the education of our community and visitors about their heroic existence.
I’ve seen vats of our restaurant food waste bring nourishment for the local pig farmers.
I’ve delighted at the honking and snorting of our local wild donkeys and our support of the Donkey Sanctuary awareness, fundraising and volunteering.
I’ve marveled at the talents of our local artists and our commitment to support and share their talent by displaying local art in our guestrooms.
And, I’ve witnessed the smiles and joy of children from our local institution when our monthly deliveries of guests’ donations are made as a result of Pack for a Purpose.  The deliveries tell these children who are so often invisible that, they matter.  They make it clear that we see them.  That people from all over the world see them and care about them.
All of this has originated and has been made possible through a company culture of giving, instilled by a compassionate owner and leader.
I’ve seen the enormous impact the compassion of one leader has had not only on our island community but on our visitors from around the globe who often spread the word.  And he has done it all while operating a resort consistently fully occupied with happy guests! Not an easy feat.  
The compassion is contagious.  It is beautiful.  I am so proud to be a part Bucuti & Tara and to have experienced all rewards the culture of compassion and giving has had on every living thing around us.  I hope you will join us and Pack with a Purpose on your next visit and enjoy the good feeling you get from giving.  

Susan Logan