Employees of the Year - 2018


Bucuti - Employees of the Year - 2018

We are proud of the dedication of our associates who have inspired praise from our guests and co-workers alike.  Ms. Monique Zaandam, Bucuti & Tara’s training manager tells us more about our winners through the comments of our guests, their fellow associates and their own words.

Annual Bucuti’s Best Winner in Category TripAdvisor:

  • Name: Carlos Zuleta Restrepo
  • Position: Lunch Waiter
  • Department: Elements Restaurant

Why did Carlos win?
“Carlos is always happy and cheerful, he lights up any room. He makes friendly conversations with every guest that he encounters and he is well known for his jokes and playful style of service. He is a great team player by helping out in the bar as an experienced bartender, whenever needed.”  - Monique Zaandam, Bucuti Training Manager

What Guests say on TripAdvisor:
“Carlos and his colleagues are some of the best in the industry and all of them really made Bucuti stand apart from the rest. Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else. Bucuti is the place to be in Aruba”.

Carlos talks about working at Bucuti:
"I love my job. Providing service is not my job it is my essence as a person. Working at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is very special because we are able to provide personalized service and we work together as a family to achieve this. We are a small resort but that is what gives us so much power to be on the top." 

Annual Bucuti’s Best Winner in Category Guest Survey and Bucuti’s Best cards:

  • Name: Karen Cousins
  • Position: Bartender, The Sand Bar
  • Department: Food & Beverage

Why did Karen win? 
As you can see on our website, Karen is no stranger to the winners platform. Almost every month she receives the most mentions on either TripAdvisor, Guest surveys or on Bucuti’s Best cards written by our guests. Why?  When you meet Karen you will find out in an instant. Her warm smile and caring personality and her drinks are considered the best. But the service that Karen provides goes way beyond the Bucuti SandBar. Karen has done things like bring aloe from her home for a sunburned honeymoon couple.  She once turned her car around when she spotted a Bucuti guest waiting for a taxi and gave them a ride back to the resort, even when this was not in her original route. - Monique Zaandam, Bucuti Training Manager

What a guest’s wrote in our survey:
"Karen made us feel like we were the most important people on the island of Aruba, each and every day"

Karen about her work at Bucuti:
I am a people person. I thrive on interaction with our guests. It is a blessing to get to know these wonderful people; our Bucuti’s guests. I enjoy doing small and simple things to delight and surprise them whenever I can. This comes easily for me. I love working for Bucuti because it is a very special place to be for the guests as well as for the associates. I feel I have grown personally and professionally by all the information and training that is provides to us especially on sustainability.

Annual Bucuti’s Best Winner in Category Bucuti’s Best cards written by a peer or manager:

  • Name: Luis Willems
  • Position: Maintenance Technician
  • Department: Maintenance Department

Why did Luis win?
At Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, we provide Wellness for our guests as well as for our associates. As part of a launch of the wellness week for the associates, the staff cafeteria got a whole makeover, incorporating more greenery and natural elements for decor. Luis came up with solutions when making a mural of refurbished wood and indigenous plants. He was also instrumental in installing the new decor items and he did this with a lot of passion and initiative. - Monique Zaandam, Bucuti Training Manager

Luis about his work at Bucuti:
"I love the working environment at the Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort. Your co-workers feel more like family than colleagues. I work closely with all the departments from the resort and I love to help wherever I can. The part I like best about working at Bucuti is that there is never a dull moment and also that the values of Bucuti fit with my personal values regarding nature, sustainability and wellness."   

Photo:   From left to right we have: Rik van der Berg, Resort Manager; Luis Willems, Maintenance Technician, BB winner Peer nomination; Carlos Restrepo, waiter at Elements Restaurant, BB winner TripAdvisor; Lourdes Linarez, HR Manager; Karen Cousins, Bartender, BB winner Guest Survey & BB cards; Ewald Biemans, Owner and Managing Director.