An Experience for all the Culinary Senses


Senses Restaurant

SENSES Restaurant located at the Bucuti & Tara Resort is a Chef’s Table concept where only 16 guests on any given evening will be dazzled with 5 – 8 courses of creative flavor profile combinations, exquisitely presented and each course paired with specifically chosen fine wines. A sensory extravaganza for anyone who enjoys fine dining.  As one of our guests described: “A-MAZ-Ing!”

Executive Chef Kelt Hugo Maat and Maitre D` Bas Kruisselbrink combined forces to create SENSES Fine Dining. They both hail originally from The Netherlands, but have lived and worked all over the globe, accumulating the knowledge and influences you’ll find on display in their culinary and cocktail creations. 
In their own words:
Executive Chef Kelt Hugo Maat: “Everything you see, smell, taste, hear and touch will be of the highest quality. The cuisine I’ve developed for SENSES emerges from a solid foundation of classic French techniques enhanced by Dutch, Norwegian and Indonesian influences in an innovative approach that transforms classic dishes into new creations.”  I am passionate about classic cuisine with a creative twist. The method of cooking that brings me the most joy is when I take a classic dish, deconstruct its components, and then re-combine them in new and exciting ways. My foundational cooking skills are based in the classic French tradition, but the dishes I create now are influenced by all the different restaurants in which I have worked, the countries I have visited, the chefs with whom I have collaborated, and of course my country of origin – the Netherlands. I am especially energized when I have the opportunity to cook for smaller numbers of guests, which is exactly what the concept of SENSES is all about. Limited seating allows for greater creativity in crafting exquisite meals that truly delight guests, along with an opportunity to explain each dish to give guests a more intimate connection to the food they eat.”
Maître D’ Bas Kruisselbrink: “Although I am a native of the Netherlands, born and raised in Nijmegen, in 1998 I embarked on a journey to explore new places and see where I might land. My travels took me to Mallorca, Aruba, New York city, St Maarten and finally back to Aruba, which is where I found the place I wanted to call home. The common thread throughout all my travels, except for Mallorca, has been my work as a bartender and mixologist. By settling on One Happy Island, I can now bring my full passion and creativity to the creation of stunning new cocktails along with my knowledge of wines to a fine dining experience at SENSES. I have years of experience working at fine dining establishments and look forwarding to serving up excellent beverages to complement the culinary creations of our Executive Chef.”
A visit to SENSES is a must for foodies and those who appreciate cuisine as an art form, created with skill and passion. To learn more, here is their website: 
Reservations can be made by our Bucuti Concierge or through the website: