When guests book their vacation at Bucuti, their primary goal is total relaxation. I find that the most gratifying part of my job is being able to see the joy that our resort brings to our guests.

A part of providing that relaxation element to our hotel is making sure that we offer exceptional service along with a peaceful environment.


The turquoise water and white sands of Aruba are calling your name. Only one question remains - where will you stay?

Chances are, many of you will hop online to read opinions of past guests before making your decision. Whether it’s TripAdvisor, which currently draws 5 million visitors a day; a guidebook forum or a travel-focused message board, more travelers than ever are turning to review-based websites for recommendations on their vacation plans.


If you’ve visited Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts, you may know that we hold a special place in our hearts for all members of the animal kingdom. Our resident Parakeet Jessie (known on the island as an Aruban Prikichi) and Paco, a Yellow-Head Amazon Parrot, are known and loved by many of our guests.

Jessie just joined us some months ago, and Paco has been with us for more than 23 years now.