We are often asked why we do not offer all-Inclusive vacations and the answer is simply that we do not want to limit a guests experience, but rather enhance their stay by allowing them to select the restaurants that suit their personal taste.

We have found that many of Bucuti?s repeat guests are seeking a diverse selection of culinary experiences.


From housekeeping to the bar and restaurant, to the front desk, Bucuti’s associates are the most essential element of your guest experience. Many of our visitors develop close relationships with some of our associates, and some of these colleagues have been with us for many years.

Management does its best to show appreciation to our associates, and that is done in part with the compensation package we offer.


For over 20 years, Bucuti has focused on offering an exceptional vacation experience in a peaceful environment, with a commitment to maintaining a safe, healthy and sustainable environment at all times. Eco-friendly practices started early on coupled with the desire to create an allergy free environment for our guests.

As a result, when we built Tara suites, we used state of the art safeguards, like farmed wood, energy-saving and air cleaning technologies, recycled and hypo-allergenic materials, and LED or CFL lighting. Even the new mattresses are made of all natural fibers and recycled materials.