We?ve all experienced the process of booking a reservation. After providing our names, the dates and the room preference the next question is usually a request for a credit card, which we are then asked to provide at check-in.

At Bucuti we have recently changed our policy and since we never want our guests to be surprised when it comes to charges we?d like to take a moment to review our procedures, so you know what to expect.


We are often asked by our guests what Bucuti means and why the name Tara? The answers are simple and I am happy to share the story.

Like many visitors, I fell in love with the island of Aruba while on holiday.


A main reason Bucuti is one of the most beloved resorts in Aruba is our location on Eagle Beach. The pristine wide stretch of sand has been designated as one of the top beaches in the world attracting visitors from both near and far.

While our resort area is reserved exclusively for our guests we cannot deny beach access to anyone, as all beaches here in Aruba are public.

Fortunately, we do not have a major issue with crowds coming to our beach, which allows us to maintain a tranquil atmosphere, however there are occasional outside visitors.