Frequently Asked Questions


Bucuti is the only resort in Aruba catering to adults and couples, 18 years of age and older. All resorts in Aruba except Bucuti have programs and facilities for children.

All of our rooms and room balconies are smoke-free in both wings, as are the public areas.

Smoking is only allowed in 3 designated areas: a smoking hut in South Garden, a smoking area in Courtyard Garden, and under the blue umbrella on the beach.

Cigar or pipe smoking is not allowed on the resort property.  e-cigarettes are treated same as cigarettes. 

A cleaning fee of $250 USD will be added to the room bill of guests who smoke in their guest rooms.

A credit card that does not expire prior to arrival is required at the time of reservation as well as a confirmed agreement through the online booking system that you agree to our cancellation policy.  We charge the credit card 15 days prior to arrival for all room nights reserved.  If a reservation is cancelled 14 days or less prior to arrival, the full 100% payment is non-refundible.  Please review the cancellation information carefully. We strongly recommend that you secure travel insurance for any unforeseen circumstances that may cause you to cancel your stay.

Hotel shuttle buses are not permitted to wait for guests at the airport arrival hall. Therefore we recommend a taxi as the most convenient transportation to Bucuti. The rate is $25 USD and there is also a surcharge of $2.00 USD (in addition to the $25) for trips after midnight, on Sundays and during holidays. The one-way trip from the airport will take about 15 minutes.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts is proud to have been rated TripAdvisor’s #1 Hotel on Palm Beach/Eagle Beach for so many years, as well as one of the site’s top hotels for romance time and time again. However, ratings only tell part of the story, and prospective guests are encouraged to look beyond the accolades and learn more about the type of experience Bucuti offers before making a reservation.

Bucuti is, and always will be, a casually elegant four star resort focused on providing attentive, personalized service. Bucuti is not an opulent five star resort with marble floors and chandeliers. It is not a lively party spot. It was designed for adults seeking a laid-back, tranquil destination where they can sink their feet into the sand and let their cares slip away. is a good place to start to learn more about the resort’s services, amenities and atmosphere. For insight from other guests, visit Trip Advisor and read as many reviews as possible. To interact with guests and management directly, visit the Bucuti Facebook page or tweet us @Bucuti. Reservations agents are always available to help as well and can be reached via e-mail at

At Bucuti, we love our guests and we love Aruba, and bringing the two of you together is one of our specialties. We believe that all-inclusive plans can stifle the imagination and creativity for both local businesses and visitors alike. Interacting with the friendly people of Aruba and exploring the many wonderful restaurants provides visitors with a vacation experience that is enriched by a greater understanding of our culture, our heritage and our general nature.

Many of the unique restaurants on the island do participate in our Dine Around Plan, which is available to our guests for $50 a person. You can enjoy a 3-course dining experience at one of 20 restaurants that are members of the Aruba Gastronomic Association (AGA). For your convenience, you can start your morning off by enjoying the complimentary full American breakfast buffet in our Tara Lounge or at our beachfront restaurant.

All of our rooms and room balconies are smoke-free as are all public areas, except for 3 designated areas: 1. Smoking gazebo in courtyard garden, 2. Blue umbrella on the beach, near SandBar, 3. Smoking gazebo in south garden.  Cigar or pipe smoking is not allowed on the resort property.  A cleaning fee of $250 USD will be added to the room bill of guests who smoke in their guest rooms.


Yes. With our new Advance Check-in option, guests can complete the online check-in process anytime from receiving the reservation confirmation. You will be greeted curbside by your personal concierge, who will whisk you away to your room while finalizing the check-in process with our personalized Tablet Check-in system eliminating the wait at front desk and the need to fill out forms. Your personal concierge and the tablet gives you an opportunity to ask questions and make special requests not only during check-in, but throughout your stay.  


YES. Homeland Security has changed the passport policy and a passport is required to depart and re-enter the United States as of December 31, 2006. We recommend that you apply for a passport early because, due to this change in policy, we expect the process to have slowed. We are very strict in our cancellation policy, and failure to have the correct documents/passport, which would prevent your travel, would result in full penalties being charged. More information from the U.S. government is available here. For Aruba entry and visa requirements, click here.

Aruba has an arid climate, with an average temperature of 86 degrees, and the natural landscape is filled primarily with cacti. When tropical season hits the northern Caribbean from June through November, we can experience a brief shower or two. It is extremely rare to have a rainy day in Aruba - most of the moisture we experience happens in late fall - October/November. Aruba receives an average of less than 20” of rain per year. To see the current temperature and a three-day forecast, visit the Meteorological Service of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

We highly recommend all guests protect themselves for losses due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Because we are a small, independently owned business, we are not flexible when it comes to collecting fees for last-minute cancellations and no-shows. Please carefully read our Terms & Conditions found in our reservations section, and consider contacting your insurance agent for travel insurance.

The following two insurance companies were recommended by the Wall Street Journal “Smart Money”:

Access America: 800-284-8300 or Travel Guard: 800-826-1300

Minimum stay requirements do apply to some dates due to high demand for our rooms. You will be informed at the time of booking if a minimum stay applies to your dates. Most of the year, the minimum stay is 5 nights.

Many resorts charge 25% in addition to the room rate for tax and service charges and other fees. At Bucuti & Tara, the 10.5% government tax and $3 per night environmental levy are already included in your room rate, so there are no surprise charges at check out. When comparing rates, consider that our rates also include a hearty full American Breakfast Buffet daily, WiFi and all taxes.  We advise you to add up all the charges at other hotels before comparing rates! If you have questions, please contact our reservations department at

We welcome small, quiet and housebroken pets! Here is our Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts Pet Policy:

  1. When making your reservation at our resort, the pet owner agrees to the Hotel’s pet policies, to be responsible for any damage or injury caused by the pet, and to absolve the Hotel staff of any liability if the pet or another guest is injured.
  2. One pet allowed per room, and hotel needs to be informed at time of reservation.
  3. We charge $15 per day in Bucuti wing, and a $20 pet fee per day in Tara Suites.
  4. We require that your pet never be left unattended in the hotel.
  5. Barking may disturb other guests. Should guests hear and complain about barking we may have to relocate you to another resort.
  6. Pets must be leashed or held when out of the guest room.
  7. We provide a sleeping mat and two dishes; no pets are permitted on the beds or furniture.
  8. You may walk your pet on resort grounds; however we expect you to clean up after your pet.

In Aruba, visitors traveling to US can take care of both the departing and arrival process before boarding. You will pass through Aruba immigration and then U.S. Immigration and Customs, after checking in at the airline. While this does mean that you will need to arrive three hours prior to departure in order to: check in, pass through Aruba immigration and security, retrieve your luggage and then get through U.S. Immigration and Customs,.. the upside is that when you land at your U.S. destination all you have to do is pick up your luggage and go home, with no hassle, no lines and no delays.

We urge guests to protect themselves for losses due to unexpected last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Here at Bucuti we have a strict cancellation policy that charges the guest a 100 percent penalty if they cancel 14 days or less prior to arrival for stays through December 22, 2016, and 30 days or less prior to arrival for stays as of December 23, 2015. When a situation does arise for a guest it is always easier on them when they have travel insurance as the policy will typically cover their cost of stay.  Options: Trip protection – Reimburses you for non-refundable prepayments in the event of last-minute cancellation, Medical expenses – Covers you in a foreign country if you need emergency care from a doctor or dentist. Medical evacuation pays for you to be evacuated by whatever means necessary and available, including a chartered plane, to receive proper emergency medical care, Sports and hazardous activities – If you’ll be engaging in certain activities, you’ll need to pay extra for a medical rider, Baggage loss – Airlines will pay you a limited amount if they lose your bags, but your luggage could be lost or stolen under other conditions as well. This covers these situations, Missed connections and travel delays – This is coverage in addition to whatever an airline would do for you.  

It is our sincere hope that nothing will come in the way of your Bucuti vacation experience, but in the event that it does we’d like you to be prepared. To find the right insurance for you, visit


Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is voted one of the Top Ten Most Romantic Resorts in the World by TripAdvisor. It’s the perfect place for your romantic honeymoon! Our beach is quiet, and an ideal location for romantic walks at sunset, or carefree days caressed by the ocean breeze. Because we are a boutique resort, you get personalized attention. Be certain to let us know you are on your honeymoon at, because we like to have special complimentary amenities waiting for you - regardless of how you book or which rate plan you are on.

If you are interested in a more active honeymoon adventure with a crowded beach for people-watching and interaction with other visitors you may meet on the beach lounger near you, perhaps you might prefer one of Aruba’s high-rise resorts. As a casually elegant boutique beach resort, our greatest strength is our serene atmosphere, ideal for relaxing, rejuvenating and celebrating love. We will gladly assist you in finding the right resort for you; simply contact us by e-mail with your questions, at

The One Cool Honeymoon is a free Aruba Tourism Authority program that honeymooners can participate in at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts. Click here for more information. To participate in Aruba’s One Cool programs, please let us know in advance at

Bucuti & Tara is an adults-only resort, reserving guests 18 years of age and older. Our services are geared for couples on honeymoons, on romantic getaways, or those looking for peace and quiet. We are one of Aruba’s smallest resorts, nestled on 14 acres of beach. Our atmosphere is very peaceful and you can enjoy a good deal of private space.

Certainly; click here for more details. A secure credit card form is there for your order. If you do not see the item you are looking for on the form, contact us by e-mail and we’ll do our utmost to provide the item you desire. Our concierge at receives these orders and will confirm them with you.


Yes! Order your Piña Coladas or your lunch from your beach lounger. Our beach attendant will give you a red pennant with your lounge chair, which should be used to call his attention when you are ready for service. If the pennant is upright in the sand and waving in the breeze, you will be approached for your order. While your flag is lying dormant in the sand, you will not be disturbed.

For our romantic dinners on the beach, there are two seating times available - 6:00 pm for the sunset, and late dining at 8:30 pm.

Our small boutique resort does not offer room service, however our oceanfront restaurant is open for breakfast (7 am – 10 am), lunch (12 pm – 5 pm) and dinner (6 pm - 10:30 pm). We have a mini-market on the property and your room is equipped with a microwave oven and refrigerator.

Yes, in addition to our Elements Restaurant and Carte Blanche, we have about 10 restaurants within walking distance of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. They range from Dunkin Donuts and Subway to Pizza Bob's, or the Hollywood Smokehouse, tapas at Fusion and elegant fine dining restaurants such as the Screaming Eagle

Bucuti’s Elements restaurant is an Aruba Gastronomic Association (AGA) member. 

As a member of the AGA, Bucuti can also offer you access to the AGA’s Dine-Around program. Dine at a choice of AGA restaurants for a price of $40.00 per person, per day for a three-course dinner including coffee or tea. Purchase at the time you book your stay with our reservations team or directly via the AGA. For more information click here.

Breakfast is free daily at the resort.

Our gift shop offers a wide variety of juice, soft drinks, beer, wine and spirits as well as snack foods for your convenience. Three of Aruba’s most popular supermarkets are located one mile from the resort. A taxi is recommended if you have not rented a car. We will gladly give you directions at our concierge Desk.

Many of our guests are seeking a healthier lifestyle and have diet preferences or requirements. Our Elements Restaurant features three distinct dinner menus for our guests to choose from including World Cuisine, Gluten Free, and Vegan/Vegetarian.  

We view our customer service experience as unique and encourage our guests to let us know how we are doing. As a result, we have decided to allow our valued guests to tip based on the service received rather than the obligatory 15% service charge that remains the widespread practice on island.  The norm for tipping is around 15% for lunch and 18% for dinner.


Eco-friendly practices for our rooms started out early coupled with the desire to create an allergy free environment for our guests.  As a result, when we built Tara Suites, we used state of the art safeguards, like farmed wood, energy-saving and air cleaning equipment– dehumidifiers and HEPA filtration technologies, hypo-allergenic materials, and LED or CFL lighting. Even the new mattresses are made of all-natural fibers and recycled materials.

As a result of the tropical weather in the Caribbean and Aruba, humidity and moisture enter the room via open doors and windows. This causes weeping walls, followed by mildew and mold, which are major triggers for allergies and respiratory problems.  Over the years, we have searched for healthy and natural solutions to make sure these effects of the climate don't interfere with the guests' in-room comfort.  We have recently installed HEPA air purifiers to remove allergens and dehumidifiers to avoid mold and mildew in all our Bucuti and Tara rooms.

Examples include the use of organic cleaning compounds, natural fabrics, and a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system that counteracts energy waste.  Multiple trashcans allow for recycling, and run-off water from our sinks, showers, air-conditioning and dehumidifiers is captured, disinfected and reused in our garden. Our appliances are Energy Star rated and we supply water canteens to each guest to refill, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. We have practically eliminated plastics and other non-biodegradable items, and we reuse, reduce and recycle where possible. As a result, we can offer Eco Rooms which reduce the environmental footprint, while increasing comfort.  Similar Eco Rooms at other locations are sold at an additional charge for the privilege, but at Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort we supply them to every guest at no extra charge.

Although our Eco Rooms have many benefits, there are some side effects that have been a noted concern for our guests in the past, such as the humming noise of the dehumidifier or the dehumidifier's tank filling up too quickly. To counteract this, we encourage guests to turn off the dehumidifier if the noise becomes bothersome, and to avoid leaving doors and windows open in order to prevent the buildup of moisture in the room.  The recommended setting for the dehumidifiers is at 70% humidity, to enable the dehumidifier to fill up less frequently while keeping the room pleasantly dry.

The air conditioning units in each room are designed to be energy efficient and utilize water to cool the air. While that is sufficient enough to keep the room cool, it does not dehumidify the ambient air like a CFC or gas-operated air conditioner does. While a gas-operated air conditioner removes more humidity, it also consumes more energy and releases harmful gases into the atmosphere such as Freon or similar CFC's. Our system eliminates this hazard and with the addition of the air purifiers irritants such as pollen and other allergens are trapped while the dehumidifier prevents the risk of mold and mildew forming within the room.


We are proud to say we have made every effort to minimize the amount of plastic waste we generate on property. As a result you will find within your guest bathroom amenity dispensers that contain shampoo & conditioner, bath gel and lotion, all freshly made with 100% pure aloe.  We have expanded our environmental efforts by arranging to receive the genuine aloe vera products in larger containers which we then reuse.  This simple decision allows us to support the local industry as well as reduces the harmful environmental impact caused by shipping a product from overseas and eliminates a mountain of plastic that will not decompose. Please note there is no risk of product contamination as each compartment is equipped with a lock only accessible by our housekeeping staff and should you wish to request an alternative product, please let us know and a member of our Bucuti team will be happy to assist you.  


Tours, water sports, sunset sailing, diving, horseback riding, windsurfing, golfing, shopping and dining are available near the resort, and many companies provide free pickup at Bucuti. Our full concierge team can arrange any island activity for you from their desks, located in both lobbies.

Some resorts provide jet skis, banana boat rides, parasailing from their beaches... however we have chosen not to, in order to maintain our safe, peaceful and quiet atmosphere and comfortable swimming area. However, all of these activities are available nearby and are located a short walk up the beach. For more info contact the concierge.

Our 50 ft X 25 ft pool has been completely rebuilt into a stylish infinity pool with coral tile and plush sunbeds. A spa tub is located on the pool’s sundeck, which is not heated.

Purun Spa is located on Floor #1 of Tara wing and offers indulgent massage therapies, wraps, facials and nail services. 

Yes, the Alhambra Casino is located adjacent to our parking lot, it is a three-minute walk away. Also located there is the Alhambra Bazaar for shopping, which is open in the evenings.

Yes! Order your Piña Coladas or your lunch from your beach lounger. Our beach attendant will give you a red pennant with your lounge chair, which should be used to call his attention when you are ready for service. If the pennant is upright in the sand and waving in the breeze, you will be approached for your order. While your flag is lying dormant in the sand, you will not be disturbed.

No, we have plenty of lounge chairs and towels for our guests at no additional charge.

It is important to note that all beaches in Aruba are considered public beaches and are available for everyone’s enjoyment. Tourism on the island has brought about the construction of palapas everywhere and has ignited a debate about whether or not properties can reserve them strictly for their guests given their location on what is considered to be public property.

For this reason, no more palapas can be built in the public area of the beach and Bucuti is no longer able to reserve existing umbrellas on behalf of our guests. The umbrellas operate on a first-come, first-served basis. We have many umbrellas available on the hotel property as well as the public beach.  Guests can always find one available when they arrive on the beach. 

While all beaches are public in Aruba, our location in the low-rise area of Eagle Beach is its quietest and most peaceful spot. We do not allow water-sports vendors in our area. As well, we have the fewest rooms for the amount of beachfront and we are not a family resort, the majority of guests being couples. While non-guests, by law, are allowed to be present on our beach, we do all within our power to maintain the most peaceful, romantic atmosphere in Aruba. Please note that there are instances  where we experience swells in the tides that, on occasion, draw some youth to  our beaches for surfing and we must welcome them. Other than this, Eagle Beach  does not experience any significant activity as all necessary precautions to  limit access of motorized water-sports have been taken. Additionally, buoys  have been installed to ensure the safety and tranquility of all our guests during their stay.

Yes, and it is free. Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms and throughout the resort. We offer complimentary iPads for usage for the duration of your stay. For more information, please contact our Concierge:

Here are the main differences between our various suites:

Bungalow Suites - These are located in a separate building near the pool, between the Bucuti and Tara wings. Bungalow Suites consist of one “L” shaped room, with a king-sized bed in the sleeping area, a kitchenette, a dining table and a sitting area with sofa. We have three Bungalow Suites in total, two facing the ocean and which allow guests to walk out onto the beach from the large redwood terrace, and a third facing the garden. Although in a very convenient location close to the beach, they are not completely secluded from infrequent passersby going to the pool, restaurant or beach.

Jr. Suites - Our Jr. Suites are located in the Bucuti Wing, and we have two in total. They are located on the second and third floors and both face the ocean and have double balconies. Jr. Suites have one bedroom with two queen-sized beds and a second room with a kitchen, dining area and sitting area with a couch.

Tara Beach Suites - These suites offer the more discriminating guest a stylish and romantic atmosphere in a concierge-level standard of service. All Tara Suites accommodate a maximum of two adults and all suites are non-smoking. Tara Suites are all oceanfront with a separate sleeping and living room. The bedroom has a king-sized bed, with a direct view of the beach and ocean. The living area has its own television, sitting area with sofa, and a wet bar with fully stocked mini-bar, mini-fridge, microwave oven, coffee service and utensils for light snacks.

Tara Penthouse Suites - Our Tara Penthouse Suites offer luxury and spacious accommodations with panoramic views of Eagle Beach. Penthouse suites have king-sized four-poster beds with an oceanfront view, a modern version of a clawfoot bathtub for romantic bathing, a living room & dining room with ocean views, TV, full kitchen, and personal netbook with free WiFi.  Each Penthouse has a reserved palapa on the beach for exclusive use.

All room categories feature hairdryers, iron & ironing boards, microwave ovens, coffee makers with free coffee/tea, mini-bars, in-room first-run movies, 110-volt electricity outlets and USA plugs for appliances, ceiling fans, air conditioning, one or two televisions, room safes, room folios available on the TV, and wireless broadband Internet as well as iPod docking.

Suites have either wet bar, kitchenette or full kitchen and other unique features; please see the accommodations section of our website for more detailed information including room floor plans. Additionally, the Tara Suites have light, comfortable waffle robes for your use during your visit. These robes are also available for purchase.

Similar to many other countries, tipping the bellman, housekeeping, concierge, etc., is customary in Aruba. While tipping non-restaurant staff is at your discretion, you will find many restaurants add a service charge automatically into the bill and distribute it to their staff.  At Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts we do not add an obligatory service charge on our restaurant and bar bills.  Tipping for excellent service is encouraged.  Between 15%and 20% is customary.


A self-service laundry room is available in both the Bucuti and Tara Wing. The washing machine and dryer are available complimentary and detergent is available in our gift shop. We also offer valet service with a local dry-cleaning and laundry service for a fee.

The average water temperature in Aruba is 89 degrees Fahrenheit, with a couple of degrees cooler temperatures reported in the early months of the year. 

Absolutely! Aruba is located just below the hurricane belt which generally results in safe swimming conditions, and the water is clear and the beach easy to navigate.  However, we are certainly not immune to adverse conditions occasionally. When these conditions arise we advise our guests to use extra caution when entering and exiting the sea as the current can be quite rough. Bucuti’s inviting pool offers a wonderful alternative for those swimmers who are uncomfortable dealing with such conditions.


Our resort no longer accepts cash for payment at the front desk or in the restaurant. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and room signing privileges for all services within our resort.

Cash deposits are required on behalf of third-party vendors such as dive operators and tour companies at the Concierge Desk. These third-party vendors require exact change when receiving cash at the Concierge Desk.


Yes, around the island, U.S. Dollars are widely accepted in small denominations and Euros are accepted in select locations in Aruba. Due to severe counterfeit-money problems, $100 and $50 dollar bills are rarely accepted. Twenty, ten and five dollar bills are accepted everywhere. At Bucuti, we have a cashless policy and accept all major credit cards and debit cards. 

Some stores accept U.S. Dollar travelers’ checks but not all.  We do not recommend their use. At Bucuti we have a cashless policy and only accecpt major credit cards.

Yes, you can draw Aruban Florins from the local bank auto-tellers on many bank networks. Please consult your credit- or debit-card company to check for their location in Aruba. Our Concierge Desk can also help locate a teller for you.


Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is located on Eagle Beach, eight miles north of Queen Beatrix Airport, three miles north of downtown Oranjestad, three miles south of Palm Beach (High Rise Area), eight miles south of Tierra Del Sol Championship Golf Course and a five-minute walk from Aruba’s new golf course Divi Links, and is located in the center of Aruba’s visitor attractions.

The majority of our guests enjoy renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle for two or three days to roam the island and to visit restaurants and sites furthest from the resort. Feedback from guests has shown most prefer to wait until they arrive on the island to have our activities personnel help shop for the best vehicle at the best rate, and keep the car until they feel they are finished touring. However, during peak winter months (between Christmas and Easter) it is best to make arrangements in advance due to high demand and the possibility of sold-out periods. Contact our concierge team for more information at Be certain to bring your valid driver’s license and a credit card with you. You must be at least 25 years old to rent a car.

The bus stop for our area is located across the street from the Alhambra Casino, which is adjacent to our resort. The cost for a one-way ticket to Downtown or Palm Beach is $2.30 USD per person.

Taxi fares are regulated and you may inquire with our concierge about any specific journey you are interested in to learn the price in advance. For example, it costs $9 USD one-way to Oranjestad or Palm Beach. Surcharges are possible for late night/early morning fares or luggage.