A Natural Paradise

If you want to know the real Aruba, the Aruba where you can hear the distinctive whistle of the native Trupial or watch gentle giant turtles nesting on the beach, then Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts is for you. 


Far from the crowds of the high-rise hotels, Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts offer a completely different escape – an uncrowded beach, environmental stewardship and an unspoiled paradise. We have the highest palapa-to-guest ratio in Aruba, so you can always find some shade if you want it!

Situated on 14 acres of the powder white sands of beautiful Eagle Beach, Bucuti is a haven for beach and nature lovers alike. Our beautiful gardens are filled with indigenous plants, exotic palms and colorful flowers that are native to Aruba’s unique desert ecosystem. An early leader in Aruba’s environmental movement, Bucuti’s sustainability policies are deeply woven into our company culture and are renowned in Aruba and throughout the Caribbean.

So come and explore our little piece of heaven. Go for a walk in nearby Arikok National Park or explore Aruba’s famous sites, including the Alto Vista Chapel and the Natural Pool. Bird watchers might spot Tara’s  resident Peregrine Falcon “Perry” as he migrates north or south each year, or Aruba’s burrowing owl. Adventurers will love to snorkel or scuba dive through the famous Antilla wreck, covered with giant tube sponges and coral formations and surrounded by colorful reef fish.

Check out our romantic getaways, and make your reservation today at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts, and see Aruba’s nature the way it should be seen.