Wedding Photographers

To create lasting memories of your wedding in Aruba, we have assembled the finest group of photographers on the island to capture your special moment. You have the choice of four by six inch or five by seven photographs and/or a copy of the photos on a CD. Our photographers are hired for a minimum of one hour or up to a full day coverage with day after shoot.

Photographers and videographers require a minimum of 5 business days for delivery for the basic one hour service. For your convenience, we have compiled a sample photograph and a brief biography of each photographer.


For your convencience we have included the website of our videographers, so you may view samples of their work.  All requests for quotes and additional samples should be sent to our concierge team at

Special songs may be requested as background music. You may send 6-8 songs as guidance and please know additional songs may be used for editing purposes. Therefore we also ask you to add a list of songs that should not be used under any circumstances if any.


All requests for quotes and additional samples scan be sent to our Concierge team at


Profile on professional photographer Victor Winklaar:
Photography is my passion. It is a gift that I plan to keep for a lifetime. When I look through a lens, I don't just see people smiling at a camera. I see the warmth of their hearts, the joy behind their eyes, and the love within their smiles. My name is Victor R. Winklaar. I am a local on the island who is constantly inspired by the beauty of Aruba. Ever since I was 12, I had a camera in my hand and an eye for the perfect picture. As the years went by, I learned that there is no such thing as a perfect picture. However, there are perfect moments. Growing up on a beautiful island with white sandy beaches and sunny blue skies has made me realize that no matter where I turn there are opportunities to capture the beauty within people and nature.
Profile on professional photographer Kenneth (Kenny) Theysen:
Born and raised on the beautiful island of Aruba. As most of photographers, it all started as a hobby and moved on to more of earning your keeps with what you love doing most. I enjoy new challenges everyday and push my limits to extremes of fun. As I always say "Live life to fullest and have fun while doing it" Cheers.
Profile on professional photographer Elnathan Hijmering:
What sets me apart is the ability to capture those transcendent moments when your soul shines through. With plenty of wedding experience, I have the expertise to make you look great in pictures. Website:
Profile on professional photographer Paul van Driel:
Paul van Driel arrived on Aruba seven years ago as a result of a lucrative offer to open a professional photo lab for a successful one-hour operation that wished to expand its services. Hailing from the south of Holland, Paul was practically raised in the dark room. No longer a specialist, he is an all around photographer doing interiors, weddings, ad photography and an enormous number of other project. Website pending, please ask us for samples.
Profile on professional photographer Angela Munzenhofer:
Angela is an American from Michigan who was raised with a camera as her backbone and it became her passion. She is a photojournalist for the local newspaper Aruba Today and her photos tell the story of a dream come true. Angela Munzenhofer of Bella photography customizes special occasions such as Weddings, Renewals of vows, Anniversaries, Honeymoons and Families to fit your needs. Her approach when shooting your special day is to capture the emotion and flow of a day in paradise where dreams do come true.

Profile on Crooze Photography:
We are Cassandra and Marc.
We have a photojournalistic photography style, creating series of timeless story telling images. We use mostly natural light because it is the most beautiful light available and it reflects the genuine atmosphere of your wedding day. Most important of all we capture those decisive moments, creating images that you will cherish for a lifetime.