Entertainment for your wedding

Steelpan bandThe charming sounds of the Caribbean are best heard when played with a steelpan. Adopted from eastern Caribbean islands, the steelpan has been introduced to Aruba during its Carnival. Made originally from old oil barrels, the steelpan is now recognized as a musical instrument.


Sample Steelpan Music Demo


Bucuti also offers a live DJ for your wedding event.

Bucuti  Weddings

Cyclone Promotions is owned and managed by Mr. Tino Daal, a local entrepreneur. Cyclone Promotions will provide a DJ with music of your choice from a large selection. Also available is a live steelpan musician. Sample Playlist (PDF)  

DJ webiste: www.cyclonepromotion.com

In order to maintain our quiet and peaceful atmosphere, we require all musicians to keep the volume of the music at an appropriate level at all times.