Wedding Cakes

At last, the sweetest part of a wedding, the cake. If you have a specific idea for your wedding cake, please send us a photograph and our pastry chef will be glad to duplicate it for you.

Shown below are samples of some of the cakes that we have created. Several options in size, flavors and decorations are available. Please note that since most of our weddings are outside on the beach, our pastry chef is able to create a cake to withstand the temperature and wind by using a white fondant icing. For more photos of cake samples, click here for our Facebook page photo album.

Serving sizes of our cakes will depend on the number of tiers.


Single Tier- serves 15 persons

Single Tier- serves 15 persons
A sample of a plain single tier wedding cake.

Two Tier - serves up to 25 persons Two Tier - serves up to 25 persons
A sample of the two tier wedding cake with real sea shells as decorations.





Three Tier - serves up to 35 persons
A sample of a three tier wedding cake, beautifully decorated with fresh flowers that matched the wedding.

Includes fondant decor in color of choice.

Cake Flavors Available:
Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, Vanilla, Strawberry, Red Velvet and Butter Creme

Decoration Samples
Please do not be limited by these choices, use your imagination...
Real Sea Shells, Fresh Flowers, Edible Flowers, Ribbons with colors of your choice, Edible Pearls, or Bring your own cake topper