What We Do

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts Aruba Commitment to Environment


To view Bucuti's Public Sustainability Report, please click here.



ISO 14001

Green Globe

Travelife Gold

LEED Silver



  • LED bulbs across the property
  • Motion sensor lights in public areas
  • Timers on lights in office and some public areas
  • Eco sensors in rooms to increase temperature when room is empty
  • VRF energy saving cooling technology in rooms, fitness center and Elements
  • Load Dryers to full capacity before use
  • Solar heated water
  • Energy saving equipment and appliances
  • Track consumption of electricity
  • Insulated windows


  • Load washing machines to full capacity before use
  • Water saving faucets
  • Water saving toilets
  • Grey water used for irrigation in garden
  • Changing of bed linens only on Wednesday and Saturday and on request or check out
  • Sprinklers are on timers which are adjusted depending on amount of rainfall. We also collect rain water and use it for irrigation.
  • Towels changed only if found on floor or in tub and at check out
  • Use of paper filters for pool filtration - 1/10 of the water used with back washing
  • Track water use


  • Monthly Beach Clean Ups with guests and employees
  • Farmed wood
  • Outdoor deck made of recycled materials
  • Use of eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Discourage guest activities that are harmful to the environment
  • Turtle nesting areas on the beach marked with appropriate signage (when necessary)
  • Reduce lights at night during turtle nesting season


  • Water canteens and water coolers for guests to discourage purchase of plastic bottles
  • Electronic signature at check-in instead of paper
  • Recycling bins for aluminum and green glass
  • Left-over food donated to local farmers
  • Old furniture is reused or sold for refurbishment
  • Purchase products in bulk
  • Dispensers for toiletries rather than individual packaging
  • Welcome signs made of used boxes
  • Print paper on both sides
  • Paperless communication and record keeping
  • Floor covering in Fitness Center is made of recycled tires
  • Fitness Center towels made out of old beach towels
  • Laundry bags made of old sheets
  • Reuse keycards
  • Reuse breads from breakfast to make croutons and bread pudding
  • No disposable items used (forks, knives, spoons, plates, cups etc.)
  • Newspapers on request only
  • Lawn clippings are composted and used in gardening
  • No disposable paper fliers to describe island activities at concierge desks or in rooms (electronic signs or laminated/reusable signs only).  


  • Water Safety devices
  • Grease traps to avoid contaminating grey water supply
  • Food safety practices (HACCP)
  • Berson Inline UV lights installed on all water supply lines which combine a wide spectrum of useful UV wave lengths with a very high energy output.  This combination causes total and permanent deactivation of micro-organism, avoiding photo reactivation.
  • UV system for grey water system
  • Air Purifier and Dehumidifier in rooms
  • HACCP colored cutting boards,
  • HACCP temperature controls of food and coolers to maintain safety
  • Annual testing for Legionella; water circulation monitored weekly so that water does not stand for more than 10 days.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  • Use of least harmful coolant gas possible
  • Outside Contractors agreements ensure their adherence to our Environmental and Safety Policy while working
  • All F&B staff are HACCP compliant and have government health certificate


  • Locally made toiletries (Aruba Aloe)
  • Local artwork
  • Do not offer all-inclusive program, encouraging guests to experience local restaurants
  • Subsidize Spay & Neuter surgeries for dogs and cats to reduce population growth
  • Donate to several local non-profits, including Animal Rights Aruba, Donkey Sanctuary, and Imeldahof orphanage.


  • Eco tours on property for schools.  
  • Presentations at regional conferences about best practices
  • Eco tours for employees
  • Green Team with each department represented
  • Sponsor environmental Public Service Announcements.
  • Green channel on in-room TV featuring our green practices 


  • Member of AHATA Environmental Committee
  • Support introduction of law to ban plastic bags on island.
  • Support Dog Law to reduce problem of stray dogs.
  • Recycling contest – artworks made of recycled materials - annually
  • Carbon offset program offered on our website