Eco Experiences on Aruba

It’s no secret that Aruba boasts some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, including our home here on Eagle Beach. What you may not think of are all the experiences that await you off the white sand. With a national park that covers nearly 20 percent of the island, incredible nature preserves, beautiful trade winds and some friendly creatures that call it all home, Aruba sets the stage for an unforgettable vacation experience. So where to first?   


Arikok National ParkConsidered Aruba’s national treasure Arikok National Park is home to a long list of animal species and plant life. The breathtaking landscape is the largest national park in the Caribbean, covering one-fifth of the island. Hikers can expect to see a wide variety of fascinating wildlife including the Aruban burrowing owl (Shoco), Aruban rattlesnake, Aruban whiptail lizard, and the Aruban parakeet (Prikichi). Visitors can also visit the Aruban Adobe house and explore the indigenous Indian paintings within the caves. For those looking to get a bird’s-eye view of the island the sky’s the limit at Jamanota, the island’s highest elevation.


SnorkelingBack on the ground visitors can head offshore on Aruba’s crystal clear water via a kayak or catamaran tour.  While at sea visitors can explore the coastline from a different vantage point and head into mysterious mangrove forests and hidden caves via kayak. Beneath the surface lies an underwater playground filled with a wide variety of corals, sponges and beautiful tropical fish. Visitors can dive right in from either their kayak or luxury catamaran and discover Aruba’s most beautiful snorkeling spots, including the Antilla Ship Wreck, a 400 foot sunken German freighter.


Nesting TurtleOn the shore visitors may be lucky enough to meet some of Aruba’s most special citizens, Leatherback sea turtles! Aruba’s shores have become a favorite nesting place for the Leatherback species which typically nest from March through July and then hatch in about 60 days.  The first nest of the season was right here on Eagle Beach, near Bucuti! We feel so fortunate to be able to share this magical experience with our guests and we do not take our responsibility to protect these beautiful animals lightly. That is why we protect and mark turtle nesting areas on the beach with appropriate signage. Because artificial lighting can have a detrimental effect on sea turtles, both deterring adult females from nesting and disorienting hatchlings, we also reduce lights at night. Many Bucuti guests have experienced the wonder of turtles coming to shore to lay their eggs or the emotional plight of the hatchlings making it out to sea from the nest.


DonkeysFurther inland, animal lovers will continue to be delighted as they answer the distinctive call of the donkey at Aruba's Donkey Sanctuary. While not native to the island, donkeys once served as the major mode of transportation. As time marched on and cars took over the paths these animals once walked on, many of them were left roaming in search of their own food and water. Fortunately the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary welcomed these beloved animals providing them a protected environment to live in. Visitors now enjoy the warm nuzzle and playful spirit of the approximately 40 donkeys that now call the sanctuary in Santa Lucia home.


Beach CleaningYou too can play a role in keeping these sites in pristine condition so that they may be enjoyed by all for years to come! Here at Bucuti we are dedicated to protecting and preserving our environment and are committed to raising awareness within our resort and the community. That is why on the third Wednesday of the month we come together with our guests for Bucuti’s beach cleaning day. Over the years hundreds of Aruba’s visitors have participated along the way in partnership with resort staff. We are thankful that our guests participate and find that many are glad to have a role in leaving their favorite vacation destination as beautiful as they found it years ago.


So whether you are on land or sea or both enjoy explore all that Aruba has to offer. Chances are our little island just may surprise you!